How to Do Forced Bold Text in Google Ads & Why Should We Test it?

March 20, 2020
How to Do Forced Bold Text in Google Ads and Why Should we test it

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Sometimes it become very difficult to make your ads stand out from the competition.

Now you can compel content to show as bold in your Google Search ads.

Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported feature, use at your own risk.

To empower it, just enter your content into and paste the result into your search ads.

Remember that every bold letter will currently consume 4-character spaces of traditional ad text.

What Can Forced Bold Text in Google Ads Do for Me?

As should be obvious, it is truly easy to empower, however what would it be able to achieve?

I conveyed a factually huge amount of ads in direct A/B tests to decide this.

In these tests, I ran indistinguishable duplicate, and landing pages against one another with bold content in one version, and simple text in the other version.

I set ad rotation to disseminate equally and utilized manual CPC bidding without empowering Enhanced CPC biding.

This conveyed a 11.3% overall increase in click through rate and no quantifiable effect on conversion rate.

A few strategies for compelling bold content were more viable than others.

Where Is Forced Bold Text the Most Impactful?

Some key advantages I watched are that the forced bold ads catch consideration better than their peers when serving outside of the top position.

I envision this is because when you don’t fit for exceptionally captivating ad extensions, the forced bold text enables your advertisement to stand out.

Another explanation I accept the bold content successfully catches consideration is that Google as of now, on desktop, bold message in the SERP that is especially similar to your inquiry.

I accept that this molding has helped people associate bold content in the SERP with importance to their inquiry.

What Does Forced Bold Do to Quality Score?

There is some vulnerability around how forced bold effects quality score, as I am uncertain how Google deciphers the forced bold content.

In Google Translate, the forced bold content isn’t translated, however, if you attempt to force bold trademarked content that you are not approved to utilize, Google will hail it.

I saw that the expense per click will in general be higher (+15-20%) on the advertisements with a bold variety at dispatch. The CPCs comes to normal point after a week or so of running.

This time span relies upon what amount spend is put behind the promotions, as I assume they have been normalizing a result of the increased expected CTR that the forced bold ads bring about as they run.

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