How to Add Yourself to Search Through Virtual Google Cards?

September 21, 2020
How to Add Yourself to Search Through Virtual Google Cards

How to Add Yourself to Search Through Virtual Google Cards?

In a limited launch, Google is trying virtual business cards in search results that show up when an individual’s name is searched for.

Only rolling out in India for now, Google’s new ‘People cards’ let people feature themselves in search results like never before.

How to Create a People Card

Step 1

Search the query “add me to search” and you’ll the option to make a people card at the top of the screen.

People Card example CodeLedge

Click on “Get Started” to start making your card.

Step 2

Fill out your data. Tap the button to get started. You’ll see the following screen:

People Card example CodeLedge

The required fields show up first, which are:





Beneath the required fields you’ll see a section of additional information you can incorporate if you want to.

The fields appeared in the picture below are all optional. You add as many as you wish.

Google will let you add links to the following social profiles:








Generally you will have the option to enter all data manually. There are two special cases – email and telephone number.

Google automatically populates the email and phone number fields with the data in your Google account. You can’t change the email or telephone number on your people card without changing it in your Google account.

Obviously, you could decide to not show those fields at all if you’d prefer not to uncover your own email or telephone number.

Step 3

After you fill out the fields in step 2, the main thing left to do is review the card before it goes live.

When you’re happy with how your card looks, save it and it will be immediately indexed in search results.

To see what it looks like in search results after it goes live simply look into your name.

It’s as simple as that. Remember Google’s people cards will only be visible to searchers in India.

There’s no word from Google on if or when this feature will will launch in other countries. If you set one up now you’ll be prepared for a more extensive rollout.

Not located in India?

Individuals located outside of India have figured out how to set up their own people card using a VPN.

More Information About People Cards

Gaining a presence in search results as an individual can end up being testing, particularly for the individuals who aren’t famous or share similar name with many others.

For searchers, it can be challenging to find information about specific people if they don’t have a strong online presence.

Google plans to address these difficulties with people cards:

“Today, we are solving these challenges with a new feature called people cards. It’s like a virtual visiting card, where you can highlight your existing website or social profiles you want people to visit, plus other information about yourself that you want others to know.”

People cards are designed for business experts, entertainers, influencers, business visionaries, job hunters, freelancers, or anybody hoping to develop their presence online.

A people card can incorporate a site link, links to social profiles, and some other data you need individuals to know about you.

When you look for somebody’s name, and they have a people card, you’ll see a module with their name, profession and location. The module can be tapped on to see the full card.

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