How to Add Swipe-Up Links Feature in LinkedIn Stories?

January 15, 2021
How to Add Swipe-Up Links Feature in LinkedIn Stories?

How to Add Swipe-Up Links Feature in LinkedIn Stories?

LinkedIn Stories are acquiring the ability to link out to other sites via the familiar swipe-up feature.

LinkedIn’s new swipe-up feature works in a similar way to what you might be familiar with on Instagram Stories.

Accessible to LinkedIn Pages and individuals who meet eligibility criteria, the new stories allows them to link out to a URL of their choice.

This makes another chance for LinkedIn Pages to drive traffic back to their organization site.

Here’s additional about how the new feature works and who is qualified to use it.

How to Use the Swipe-Up Feature in LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories, launched in September 2020, now has a feature that gives businesses and advertisers to a greater motivation to use it.

Stories released to a mixed reception from LinkedIn users, with many questioning whether it’s a solid match for a professional network.

The easygoing idea of the stories format makes it a fit for Instagram and Snapchat – but LinkedIn?

Now that links can be added, businesses may have the explanation they’ve been searching for to participate in LinkedIn Stories.

LinkedIn can create a significant amount of reference traffic to sites. Now there’s another tool with which to drive more traffic from a similar source.

Be it your company site, your most recent blog post, a new job posting, or whatever else you want to drive people’s attention to. Link out to anything and users can access it with a simple swipe up.

Here’s how to add a link of your choice to LinkedIn Stories:

  • Begin making a story by adding a photograph or video to it.
  • Tap the link icon at the top of the screen (resembles a chain)
  • Add a URL under Add a link.
  • Select the relevant action button.
  • Tap Done.
  • Tap Share Story.

To ensure users land on the right page, you will have the option to see a link before the story goes live.

LinkedIn Stories must be made from the mobile application. You can use the application to capture photograph and video, or transfer media from your camera roll.

Like other social media applications, Stories stay on LinkedIn for 24 hours. Video content is restricted to 20 seconds long.


The swipe-up feature for Stories is accessible to all LinkedIn Pages.

It’s accessible to standard LinkedIn members if they meet the following criteria:

Have at least 5,000 connections or followers.

Have the Follow button as the essential action button on their profile (instead of Connect).

Changing the primary action button on a LinkedIn profile page from ‘Connect’ to ‘Follow’ can be done from the privacy settings menu.

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