How Social Media Marketing Helps with Lead Generation in Sweden?

October 25, 2019

How Social Media Helps with Lead Generation

Your brand already have accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but you are not generating leads or traffic from them.

Many people believe about social media sites is that they cannot attract high-quality visitors. But reality is when compared to outbound marketing social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate.

What does Lead Generation actually means?

As per Google, Lead Generation is:

“The action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s product or service.”

So, it is not just about selling your products, but it is about gathering the data of your customers including their priorities, their week points, their wants and needs, and about how to attract them to invest in your business.

Due to social media, it has become very easy and convenient for marketers to reach their target audiences. As all customers’ details are available online on social media platforms, it’s up to marketer now how to target your relevant audience and how to attract them to generate leads.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to produce quality leads. Here are some tips to maximize qualified leads from social media for your business.

Strategies to Generate Quality Leads through Social Media

Select the Right Channel

The very first thing to consider is to choose the right social media channel to target your audiences. When you choose the right channel for your business, you will surely taste the success.

Figure out where your target audience likes to hang out and from they consume the content. It is very easy to choose Facebook as it has over 1 billion users but it is not always the right choice.

It is not about your percentages, it is about knowing where your customer is, pick up the right channels and make your campaign according to it.

Use Customized Hashtags

If you want to stand out from your competitors, make use of customized and brand-oriented hashtags in your posts. It helps to increase your brand awareness and generate quality leads.

Always try to use the accurate and targeted hashtags. Don’t use too many hashtags to jus fill out the space, make your hashtags customized, simple and unique. It will encourage your customers to find you and your post quickly and easily.

Run Contests

There are two reasons why running a contest is important for a business. First, they are going to get a lot of leads that can increase your revenue. Secondly, this can be shared with more people by the participants of the contest.

If you want to avoid the sorting process of your leads, try to run the relevant contests with your business and services.

You can partner with your influencers and request them to run contests on your behalf. Influencers can benefit you more by reach more to your relevant audience.

Always mention the rules and regulations for the contest. And if you are selecting the random winner, mention that too in the details.

Share Quality Content

This is how you are going to build relationships with your target audience, which you convert later to quality leads. The simplest rule to follow is to create the quality posts regularly and post quality content that your target audience enjoy interacting with.

Posting regularly at the ideal time of day will encourage your customers to interact with your content, drive traffic to the website and ends up generating more leads.

Host Live Videos

Live videos are used on Social media like Facebook and Instagram. People love to watch videos over social media, so engage better by hosting live videos for your target audience.

If your live is persuasive and entertaining throughout, your target audience will spend more time watching your video, which is very effective to gain the trust of your customer. This whole process will ends up generating the lead.

Want to know more about effective techniques to generate leads with social media. Or if you have any queries, email us at or get a quote from here.


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