How much users are using Google Assistant monthly?

January 8, 2020

Did you know how much users are using Google Assistant monthly

Google reported today that 500 million users are currently using Google Assistant crosswise over cell phones, TVs, smart home gadgets, and other devices.

That figure speaks to the quantity of individuals using Google Assistant every month, a metric which Google has never previously uncovered. While half a billion is an extensive number of month to month users, recent information demonstrates Google Assistant is trailing behind Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

According to a survey published a month ago reports Google Assistant holds 9% of the virtual assistant market. Comparatively, Apple’s Siri holds 35% market-share around the world. Despite the fact that it’s imperative to remember market-share considers only the install base, not what number of individuals are using the virtual assistant every month.

Another study, published in August 2019, shows Google trailing behind Amazon in smart speaker market-share. If anything, these numbers are in support of Google, since it implies there’s gigantic space for development. The quantity of monthly active users could possibly be a lot higher in years to come.

New Features Coming to Google Assistant

In reporting Google Assistant’s number of month to month active users, Google additionally declared some new features coming to the Google assistant not long from now.

Here’s a rundown of new features on the way:

Long-form reading: Google Assistant will have the option to read articles for all to hear with a basic order, for example, “Hello Google, read this page.”

Scheduled Actions: Users can ask Google Assistant to play out a particular undertaking at a specific time of day, for example, turning the lights on at the beginning of the day.

Sticky Notes: Google Assistant on smart displays will have the option to post sticky notes with an order, for example, “Hello Google, leave a note.”

Finally, Google reported today that Google Assistant’s translator mode will extend all around to airports, banks, and different organizations. That is certain to support Assistant’s month to month active users and install base much further.

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