How can you reduce the impact of Google Algorithm Updates in Sweden

September 30, 2019

How can you reduce the affect of Google Algorithm Updates

If you are worried about your Google SEO and having issues due to Google Algorithm update. Then, this is the right article for you.

I would like to share some ways that websites can set themselves up to become more resistant to Google’s algorithm updates and less dependent on organic traffic from Google.

Here are the 3 ways to build a Google Algorithm resistant Google SEO strategy:

1. “Content is the King”

Google’s recommendation following a core Algorithm can feel like a slap with fresh candidates, but it doesn’t mean that should be overlooked. Maybe that is a go, if you haven’t set things already.

But it is very important to keep yourself on the top of Google’s Algorithm updates and why it’s effect on SEO, you have to update a little bit and focus on executing a long-term Google SEO strategy.

In June update, we need to be aware that we can expect variations in organic traffic.

These insights should be factored into a long-term search strategy rather than to take a number from of short-term actions.

The only way to get benefit from the core algorithm update is if you are investing in a well-reasoned long term approach to organic search. Stay committed to deliver the preform-ant website that deliver quality content and valuable experiences to the visitors.

2. Build Long-term Google SEO Strategy

Providing your websites and business haven’t been completely toppled by Google algorithm update. These site should have to take a hard look into the following points:

  • How they approach search?
  • How they execute a long-term strategy and not blaming Google for the updates in their algorithm.

Crypto Currency News (CCN) website reported that their organic visibility had a dropped by 90% and that they are shutting down as a result. Google didn’t kill CCN but poor planning did.

CCN should have been planning to develop a strategy to tackle the following issues:

  • How the reduce the part of organic traffic to its popular pages focusing on the price bit coin.
  • How to be not only dependent on organic traffic and how to get traffic from other resources.
  • Reviewing their approach of link building and redirection.

Yes, Google should be held accountable and should be working to communicate more transparently with the search community.

3. Choose carefully who you work with and for

Be selective which website you work with and what business you will associate with.

When you are choosing the new opportunities, you need to assess their business perspective and their websites by asking following questions.

  • Hoe reliant is the website and business in generating revenue?
  • How volatile is the business’s main way of revenue?
  • How flexible the business is on taking the new ideas?
  • Does the business has a long-term scope?

So, business should be reliable and not just dependent on Google Organic search. Your business should be flexible and not only dependent on the black box of third party.

We at CodeLedge, knows the latest updates of Google core algorithm and knows how to make a website more reliable for Google SEO. We build long-term beneficial Google SEO Strategy and focus on getting the organic traffic consistent.

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