Great Shipping Tips for E-commerce Beginners in Sweden

June 8, 2020


For new online retailers selling tangible items, the act of managing shipping — both as far as really packaging orders and regarding checking costs — can make the difference between success and failure.

In the online retail setting, delivery and order satisfaction is one of the most significant tasks new business owners must screen and manage. Here are three shipping tips for online business beginners.

1. Ensure Your Products Weigh

Know how much your products weigh — may appear expressing the obvious, But with regards to calculating shipping costs, it isn’t.

An item’s transportation weight may not be its genuine weight. Think about two examples.

First, imagine that you sell glass vases. Your items don’t weigh a lot by themselves, maybe a couple of pounds. But, to securely transport glass from one end of the country to the next, you should layer your jars in pressing materials like air pads, froth, bubble wrap, and pressing peanuts. These pressing materials, a solid ridged cardboard box, and even the tape all add to the shipment’s weight.

You have to recognize what your products weigh — glass vases in this example — when they are full, stuffed, and prepared to transport.

Second, envision you sell body pillows. Your items are light, not exactly a pound, but they are generally massive. Your pads could be dependent upon what shipping transporters call dimensional weight.

If you evaluated your shipping costs dependent on your pillow’s genuine weight, you could, rather, be paying much more when you transport since dimensional weight pricing would cost more.

Realize your items shipping weight, and use it to calculate shipping costs.

2. Utilize Flat Rate, Regional Shipping

Flat rate and regional rate shipping services are frequently the best decision for new eCommerce businesses. While flat rate and regional rate services are not generally the most economical approach to ship, they are frequently very competitively priced and they are very likely among the easiest-to-understand shipping methods available.

These services additionally give you boxes, which can save you some cash.

As your online business develops, you might need to develop into other shipping services, however in many cases beginning with flat rate and regional rate shipping is your most solid option.

3. Use Shipping Software

The client support counter at your local post office or UPS store isn’t the best spot to purchase shipping or print shipping labels. In fact, it is presumably the most terrible spot.

Even the smallest and new eCommerce business will profit by utilizing shipping software, even this amounts to just purchasing your postage online.

When you use shipping software, you will commonly have the option to buy shipping or postage online at a discount. You will also appreciate many other features, including coordination with marketplaces, better following, or some level of shipping automation.

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