Google’s Indexing Issue Affecting New Articles Appearing

September 14, 2020
Google’s Indexing Issue Affecting New Articles Appearing

Google’s Indexing Issue Affecting New Articles Appearing

Google is presently fixing an indexing issue affecting new articles ranking in the ‘Top Stories’ part of search results.

The issue started on September 11, 2020 start at 3pm PT.

Honestly – the issue has been fixed. It’s the full restoration of content that will take a few hours to finish.

An update will be given when the fix has completely turned out.

Though one can’t help be wonder how much it will matter at that point.

Considering timeliness of articles in the ‘Top Stories’ section, many articles that would have been featured may no longer qualify they’re restored.

It’s unquestionably a drawback to news publishers regardless of the content being restored at a later time.

To Google credit the organization recognized the issue and made a move rather quickly.

Further, Google spread the news to SEOs and site owners when the issue was fixed.

This is one of the uncommon occasions Google found a mistake and fixed it before people saw there was an issue at all.

Generally, when indexing errors happen, there’s a rumbling across Twitter well before Google recognizes it.

Indeed, it’s normal for Google to find these issues because of social media.

I haven’t seen any conversation about this specific issue whatsoever.

Although that doesn’t mean it won’t go totally unnoticed, as news publishers will probably see the effects in their traffic reports.

This is particularly valid for news publishers who generally have their content appear in ‘Top Stories.’

If that concerns you, then it might worth making a comment in Google Analytics about this error happening.

Additionally note the time the content was completely restored, which will be announced later.

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