Google Shares Best Practices for Black Friday Sales Pages

November 3, 2020
Google shares best practices for Black Friday pages

Google shares best practices for Black Friday pages

Google suggests using permanent URLs for Black Friday pages instead of making new URLs for every yearly sale.

Google shared this advice in a bunch of best practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages, along with five extra suggestions.

Here’s more on the advantages of using recurring URLs, and a summary of Google’s other guidance for the upcoming shopping event.

Recurring URLs for Black Friday Pages

The Christmas shopping season comes each year on the day after Thanksgiving – also called Black Friday – with deep discounts from thousands of retailers.

Every year brings new sales, but it should not bring new sales pages.

The fleeting idea of Black Friday sales may lead some site owners to think setting up new pages every year, and later removing them, is the best game-plan.

However, that is not ideal for Black Friday pages, or any web pages for that matter.

Here’s particularly what Google suggests:

“Use a recurring URL, not a new URL for each occurrence of the event. Give the landing page of recurring events a meaningful URL that reflects the event that is used each year (for example: use /sale/black-friday, not /sale/2020/black-friday).”

Why does Google suggest recurring URLs?

Because recurring URLs allow sites to build link equity.

Link value refers to the SEO value of a link, which is something that is gained over the long haul.

URLs build link value when other pages link to them.

The longer a URL exists on the web, the more link value it can possibly gain.

And the more link equity a page has, the greater it’s potential to rank in search results.

An older URL with a moderate amount of link equity has a much greater chance to rank over a newly published page with no link equity.

So, instead of creating new pages for Black Friday every year, keep using the same URL as Google suggests.

Additional Recommendations For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Here are the rest of Google’s best procedures for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These are recommendations for retailers to help Google highlight and surface sales events in search results.

  • Publish early: Create the Black Friday sales page well before the sale so Googlebot has the opportunity to find and index it.
  • Follow standard SEO best practices: For up-to-date information on what is important in SEO today, see Search Engine Journal’s complete to guide to SEO here.
  • Build internal links to the landing page: Link to the Black Friday landing page from different pages on the site, particularly the landing page. This will help communicate its significance to Google, and help people with finding the page quicker.
  • Include an important, great picture: Provide a static picture with an up-to-date representation of your sale. Google suggests managing whitespace around the borders of the picture, and guaranteeing the picture is visually captivating and of good quality.
  • Get the home page recrawled: When the landing page has been updated with new or additional content, ask Google to recrawl the page to get your content updated more rapidly.

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

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