Google is Making COVID 19 Data More Accessible in Search Results

April 1, 2020


Google has started a few activities to help health associations with making COVID-19 data more accessible in search results.

These activities incorporate the creation of a best procedures guide for health sites, and a Google Search support group especially for health associations.

Best Practices for Health Websites

With an end goal to help health companies improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google published a new best practices guide for health sites.

Here is a brief overview that health guide:

  • Step by step instructions to assist users access the information on the go
  • The significance of good page content and titles
  • Approaches to check how a site shows up for coronavirus-related questions
  • How to examine the top coronavirus related user questions
  • How to include organized information for FAQ content

Google Search Support Group for Health Websites

Google made a specialized care group concentrated on helping health associations who publish data related to COVID-19.

The group is strictly intended for giving help search-related inquiries.

Access to the group is liable to Google’s approval, which will be allowed dependent upon the situation.

To begin, Google might be tolerating domains under national health ministries and US state level organizations.

You can fill out this form to demand get to. Note that you should register utilizing an email under the domain of the health association you work for.

This new care group was made to address the quick needs of health associations.

Google expects to expostulate the group when COVID-19 is no longer viewed as a general health emergency.

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