Google Introduces a New Shopping Section in Search Result

January 16, 2020

Google Introduces a New Shopping section in search result

Google is releasing another expansion to search results this week which makes it simple to look for popular products.

While searching for keywords, for example, “running shoes” or “down jackets” Google will now return a new section that exhibits well known products from stores over the web. This new segment will show up while looking for garments, shoes, and accessories.

While browsing the well known products section users can channel results by style, department, and size. After choosing an item Google will list the locales where it can be bought from, which will let users rapidly look at costs.

It will even be possible to read products reviews without leaving search results. Users will, however, need to visit a retailer’s site so as to buy the ideal product.

“To make this feature possible, Google indexes and organizes products from over a million online shops, and updates this information regularly. Just as we don’t charge sites to be part of the Google Search index, participating retailers appear in this new feature for free.”

Google Introduces a New Shopping section in search result

With the end goal for merchants to have products surfaced in the well known product section, they’re urged to set up product feeds in Google Merchant Center and additionally apply the proper organized data markup to product pages.

As per Google, this new feature will help drive organic traffic to merchants. It will be interesting to check whether that winds up being the situation, considering this element enables clients to do a lot of browsing while never leaving Google.

Google is taking a shot at more user experiences for browsing and finding new products, so further updates like this one will soon be on the way.

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