Google has released version 1.0 of its Site Kit Plugin for WordPress

November 19, 2019


Google has launched version 1.0 of Site Kit plugin for WordPress. Which means beta version is officially out after 6 months.

After the developer preview of Site Kit was released, according to Google it radically simplified the setup, fixed bugs, and update the main user flows.

The main working of Site Kit Plugin is that it allows WordPress users to access data from Google products directly from their WordPress website’s  dashboard. This plugin collects data directly from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Page-speed Insights, and Ad-sense.


For using Site Kit there is no code editing required, which makes it easy to setup Google Analytics for those who are not experienced with code.

Site Kit is available for everyone to use, anyone can install Site Kit Plugin but Google recommend it is very helpful professionals who works on site for clients. Why? Here are the reasons:

  • Clients and other teams can easily access data from Google products by simply accessing their WordPress dashboard.
  • Client will be able to see Google’s performance stats and improvements recommendations directly from their WordPress dashboard.
  • Site Kit also allows you to customize the roles and permissions, so you can make sure only relevant people can see the data.

If you want to get the maximum results from Site Kit Plugin, Google recommends analyzing the main dashboard on at least a weekly basis. You can also see the stats of specific page by just clicking on the Site Kit in the admin bar.

After getting that data, Google recommends to compare the high performing pages and see how people find them. With the help of data you can discover the latest trends, like which topics get more engagement on twitter, which get the most engagement on Facebook, and same for others.

It really simple to start with Site Kit Plugin, simply install it from your WordPress dashboard.

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