Google Ads to Require User Identity and Geographic location

May 19, 2020

Google Ads to Require User Identity and Geographic location

Google announced recently they will start requiring documentation of user identity and geographic location for advertisers.

The new policy is attached to their 2018 policy update requiring ID confirmation for political ads.

Requirements for Advertisers

The verification program will include:

  • Personal Identification methods
  • Business consolidation documents
  • Potentially different things to check what their identity is
  • Working geography

The program will begin in the U.S. then, turn out all around, and will apply to Search, Display, and YouTube.

Google noted they trust it will take a couple of years to finish verification for the whole ad ecosystem.

Certain industries will be organized in the phased roll out, and will be told accordingly. They will have 30 days to submit the required verification after receiving notification it is required. Once submitted, it takes around 3-5 for Google to check.

Failure to submit the data inside 30 days will result in ads being stopped.

Disclosures will show the trademarked/legitimate name of the advertiser, and not the element who is essentially dealing with the promotions.

This means agencies who run advertisements in the interest of a customer won’t be required to verify. But, a Google rep expressed organizations and Google Partners will have the option to submit on behalf of their customers.

What Changes for User Experience in Ads

Attached to this change, users will begin to see disclosures on ads about the identity of the advertiser.

It will show up underneath the “Why this Ad?” choice.

The data will incorporate Advertiser name, country location, and a toggle option to quit getting promotions from them.

In Display, the data will be available via the Ad Choices icon, or the “x” that shows up on the banner.

In YouTube, the data will be accessible by tapping the “I” icon or the three dot symbol that shows up in each advertisement.

Why Google Ads Will Require Verification

In proceeding with strides towards ads transparency, Google is endeavoring to “provide greater transparency and equip users with more information about who is advertising to them,” as per the declaration from Jack Canfield, Director of Product Management, Ads Integrity.

“This change will make it easier for people to understand who the advertiser is behind the ads they see from Google and help them make more informed decisions when using our advertising controls. It will also help support the health of the digital advertising ecosystem by detecting bad actors and limiting their attempts to misrepresent themselves.”

We will keep on following this improvement as it unfurls.

Industry Reaction

Reception by paid search specialists has been blended. Concerns have been raised about the little bolt required to see the data. It’s near the feature and could bring about results in accidental ad clicks, costing the advertiser cash.

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