Facebook to Start Limiting the Number of Ads a Page Can Run

September 10, 2020
Facebook to Start Limiting the Number of Ads a Page Can Run

Facebook to Start Limiting the Number of Ads a Page Can Run

Facebook has reported another initiative around the number of ads that can be appeared by Pages dependent on their spend size.

This new implementation on ad limits will start turning out in February of next year, and continue through the summer.

Why Limit Volume?

Facebook is focusing on more ad volume doesn’t mean better performance.

Adding more of anything to Facebook creates the need for it optimize. However, it can really keep that from happening viably. Brands may see certain ad creatives get few, if any, impressions and may find the status stuck in the Learning Phase for awhile.

Each time an ad is appeared, the algorithm builds its learnings, but more ads implies every version is shown less times.

Facebook refers that 4 out of 10 ads never leave the Learning Phase. This also implies budget is being spent and taking longer (or perhaps never) to improve for winners, costing brands more cash over the long haul.

Volume Limits

Facebook will be bucketing every advertiser by size, into one of four groups. The size is dictated by the Page and its most elevated spends in a given month. It isn’t making the limits dependent on the ad account itself.

Groups depend on their spend within the past year, with a higher spend meaning a higher threshold for number of ad creatives that may run.


Advertisers will have the option to see their assigned ad limit through a tool in Ads Manager called Ad Limits per Page.

If a Page has numerous advertisement accounts, limits can be set by individual or by partner to avoid different ad accounts over-using stock and blocking another ad account from having the option to publish new ads.

Ad accounts with a limit forced by the parent Page can see their limits in the Ad Limits per Page section, too.

If advertisers attempt to launch ads that would surpass their permitted limit, they will not be able to. Removing or stopping live versions will open slots back up to publish new ads.

The ad limits are the total of what can be running at any given time. The total will include anything previously running, but will also incorporate whatever’s under review and not yet live.

Facebook alerts against making a second Page to get around the rule for three reasons:

  1. Your two pages would be competing with each other in the advertisement auction.
  2. The algorithm will now be making two separate sets of learnings rather than one combined master data set.
  3. Brands at that point need to manage more than one Page, as both would be attached to their business identity.

It isn’t clear in the announcement if there are nuances in what’s considered “one ad” for things like dynamic creative, where they’re actually one advertisement position with multiple creative options that rotate.

We will keep on following the development of this new turn out. Their official announcement is here, and the help documentation can be found here.

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