Facebook Has Launched The Messenger App For Desktop

April 3, 2020

Facebook Has Launched The Messenger App For Desktop

Facebook has introduced the very first independent Messenger application for desktop, accessible now on Windows and macOS.

Audio and video calling by means of Messenger on a desktop program has been increase 100% in the previous month, Facebook uncovers in an announcement.

The organization immediately reacted to the expanded interest with the launch of a independent desktop application.

Utilizing the Messenger desktop application offers various advantages compared with utilizing Messenger on Facebook.com in a web browser.

What is more important to people right now is boundless and free group video calls.

Facebook also points these as key features of the Messenger desktop application:

Group video calls: Stay in contact with loved ones on an a lot bigger screen as compared to using it on mobile screen.

Easy to Connect: If you’re associated with somebody on Facebook, then you’re associated on Messenger too. No compelling reason to have a telephone number, email, or sign up to a new service.

Performing multiple tasks: It’s anything but difficult to have Messenger open in one window while you do different things on your PC. Something that is impractical on a cell phone.

Notifications: Notifications are available on desktop, however you can even now decide to nap or quiet them if you like.

Chat syncing: Easily switch between gadgets without losing any of your Messenger history.

Incorporates all Messenger features you definitely know: Such as Dark Mode and GIFs.

Messenger for desktop is available to download today from the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store.

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