Easy Tips To Create Better Web Stories & Video Series

November 25, 2020

Easy Tips To Create Better Web Stories & Video Series

Google published a guide with tips to assist makers with making more convincing Web Stories. The objective of the tips is to empower publishers with thoughts of how to make better Web Stories.

Web Stories Content Format

Web Stories is a type of content intended to be consumed as snackable content for users who are typically on the go or needing to quickly pass the time with light content.

Google advances Web Stories across different properties including Search, News and Discover. This offers publishers a chance to pull in more traffic.

Web Stories can be considered as an additional traffic channel. For instance, YouTube and podcasting are traffic channels, approaches to get users that go beyond the traditional blue links in search results.

As such, Web Stories are an opportunity to take advantage of and grow a devoted following that profits for a long time for more content.

Web Stories Creative Tips

Along with the 7 innovative tips, Google also linked to a YouTube series devoted to getting publishers introduced to the Web Stories format and all the creative possibilities.

  1. Use Video
  2. First-person storytelling.
  3. Take Advantage of Your Brand Identify
  4. Display Infographics and Dynamic Visuals.
  5. Get a Boost from Illustrations
  6. Post Quizzes and Polls
  7. Build Excitement Through Animations

Google clarifies that using videos is valuable because they are engaging. The Web Stories design requires utilizing a 9:16 aspect ratio that is in portrait mode.

Google doesn’t clarify why the first-person storytelling design is helpful other than giving the Web Stories a “personal touch.”

The encouragement to use your brand identity makes sense in the context of having a visually recognizable logo and color scheme that story consumers immediately identify with your brand in a pleasant way. When they watch another video there will be a feeling of familiarity and comfort related with the visual continuity of your Brand Identity.

Google suggests original illustrations or cartoons for livening up the Web Stories. They state that (sometimes) stock pictures and videos aren’t sufficient.

I would say, stock pictures can be viewed as a beginning stage for your pictures. If you have a picture handling software like Photoshop, one can change a stock picture or combine two more stock pictures and make an interesting picture.

All things considered, great unique content can be best.

Storytime – Google Web Stories Video Series

Google’s also published a video series that provides insights on how to make great Web Stories. The accommodating video series is called Storytime and the playlist is available here. The videos are short and don’t request a lot of consideration or commitment of time.

The topics start with an introduction, offers instances of high quality web stories and moves on to production tips, how to fabricate a story, how to surface your Web Stories content for more traffic and other topics related to the technical aspects of creating attractive Web Stories.

Put in the Effort and Reap the Rewards

Web Stories may seem like an overwhelming method to bring more traffic. However, that slight learning curve can be viewed a barrier to entry to the lazy, untalented and the unambitious. Which means there’s more opportunity for those willing to put some time into learning the new format and enjoying the rewards.

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