Does Host Location Important for Google & SEO

April 7, 2020

Does Host Location Important for Google & SEO

There are two angles to consider about the location your hosting provider uses to host your site as it identifies with your organic rankings.

Website Speed

The main point is the impact it has on your website speed.

The closer a website visitor is to the datacenter that hosts your site, the speedier it will load for them.

Being a local business, I generally recommend finding a nearby datacenter in or close by to the city my customer works in and targets.

Ensuring your site loads rapidly for your site users and clients provides a vastly improved user experience all around, so it’s win-win.

While it has not been demonstrated that search engines use server area as a ranking component, there has been some solid proof to show that the IP address of a site can influence the rankings of the website.

For example, if it has an IP address assigned that belongs to the wrong company.

Many people simply pick a hosting organization dependent on name or proposal, and for mass hosts, you get set on a random server with a shared IP address and put little thought into where that server lives or the geolocation of the IP address.

I think if you have a area name, yet your web server and its IP address are situated in the United States, Google, and search engines would make sense of that, and it won’t be an issue.

If you happen to have a .com domain or one without the .uk nation code, you may find that your rankings might drop, be kept down, or move to higher rankings in the United States rather than in the UK.

Therefore, I would be personal decision to take the extra step to ensure your server and IP address are assigned to your own country.

I’d recommend connecting with your hosting organization and confirm that your site is hosted on one of their UK servers and, if not, demand that to be fixed ASAP.

Verifying a Domain Property in Search Console

You are referring to the procedure that Google experiences to verify a domain property in Google Search Console.

Google has details of organizations available to connect to check your site by including a DNS record.

DNS settings are normally, however not always, managed at your domain’s registrar.

GoDaddy, alongside different companies listed, are some of the more typical domain registrars out there, which is the reason they made the list.

Indeed, a few people do deal with their DNS and domain name enlistment at their hosting company, yet it’s not as common practice.

Google could indeed incorporate so many options so don’t let the way that your hosting company isn’t listed here lead you to accept that Google has an inclination for any of these organizations.

Particularly not in a manner that means your rankings in any capacity whatsoever.

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