Developing a B2B Email Marketing Plan [5 Steps Guide]

July 30, 2018

Getting the customer to make a buying decision using B2B marketing is a tough job. But if it is done rightly, you can generate a bulk of leads using just email marketing. It has been a successful technique in past and in the present as well. It totally depends upon the nature of your business, how to carry out such campaign is totally dependent upon your business and the services you provide.

As it should be clear that B2B is all about selling and buying services or products between different entities. A well organized and oriented email campaign can give your business a real boost.


email marketing stats

email marketing stats


Building a Result Oriented B2B Email Marketing Strategy

To attain maximum results from a B2B marketing campaign, it is necessary that you create a solid B2B email marketing strategy that reflects your business goals. This will not only help you get the leads but also will help in crafting improved emails in future.

Here are five important steps to get fruitful results from B2B Email Marketing campaign:


1. Know Your Target

When you are working on market research and getting aware of the businesses that can profit from your company, you need to adjust your goal to reach them via Email. You should use a catchy subject line that will captivate your B2B recipient. Similarly, the language used in the email also matters. You should always type in words of the targeted customer.

The email you send should elaborate your company’s core values, mission and goals. It portrays a positive image to your customer.


2. Defining B2B Customer Persona

A successful B2B email campaign is hidden behind the effort done in describing the customer persona. You should define who your customer is and what kind of services is he/she looking for. In simple words, you must be aware of the customer’s persona before sending the email.

Here are some steps to define customer persona.

  1. You should be aware of the problems being faced by your customer
  2. Understanding the types of business you are targeting with your services
  3. Getting knowledge about the person’s role whom the email is being sent
  4. Get to know the goals of targeted persona
  5. To understand, how your B2B targetted persona interacts with other vendors


3. Building Measurable Email Marketing Targets

You can not set your goals in a random manner, especially when you are running a B2B company. You need to confirm that your target is measurable so that you can measure your success rate and work in an efficient way.

Try to avoid setting a broader goal, like “to get more leads”. You should always consider setting a goal that can be measured. Like “To get 20% more email leads and 30% more phone leads for the ABC product.” It is more result oriented and can be measured.


marketing stats

marketing stats


4. Plan in Advance

You can follow these steps to improve your email campaign and enhance the marketing strategy in advance.

  1. Talking with companies to exchange ideas that can build fruitful conversations for your services
  2. Analyzing the outcome from clicks and other means as well
  3. Segmentation of the prospect on enormous factors such how much did it take the customer to respond the email and so on so forth
  4. Changing the email content according to customers feedback
  5. Following up with the leads and answering their questions

This can really help you to get to know what is being wrong and how to improve that.


5. Analyze What’s Right and What’s Wrong

Once you have set up an email campaign for your business you can get the analytics, reports, feedback and leads related to your services. This will help you analyze the issues in depth. Try to rectify those issues and start the campaign again.



Email Marketing is very important to rise your business up in this hungry market of competitors.  Are you still feeling confused ? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Drop all your queries here and don’t forget to comment at the bottom. Thanks!

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