Create SEO Campaign like a Champ! [A Complete Guide]

June 9, 2018

Creating SEO campaign for your business may appear like a tremendous accomplishment. With the correct apparatuses and a little assistance from the specialists, you can take your business to the highest point of Google’s list items. An SEO Campaign has such a large number of segments so we have separated it into steps with our best tips, tricks, and recommendations! Prepared to establish an SEO campaign for your business from beginning to end?


Step 1. Develop your website OR Analyze your current website

We’re getting started from the end here by developing a website for your business. Already got a website? Exempt this section! Pick a website platform like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal for your website to be built upon. There is almost every kind of WordPress plugin available that can help you to make any kind of functionality in your website. You can install any sort of plugin to get any kind of functionality.


Add Plugins - WordPress

Add Plugins – WordPress


One of the most famous SEO plugins is Yoast SEO plugin that helps you out in the SEO of your website. It shows you analytics of your web page as well and also how to set title and meta description for your WordPress pages and how it will appear on Google. Shopify also comprises such features but WordPress is far ahead in terms of SEO because this platform is quite popular and have a lot of plugins. Your website should have the basic menu set up and some of the following pages on your website:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Services
  • Privacy Policy

You should always consider multi-page websites because one page websites are easy to build but SEO is difficult to achieve.


Step 2. Keyword Strategy and Research

The heart of SEO campaign is the keywords used during SEO campaign. Think about your business and list down the words that come into your mind. Yes, these are the keywords that will be indexing your website during SEO campaign.

Let’s put aside these keywords for a while, for such campaigns you should not think like business owner you should think like a customer. Let us show you an example that how do we do our keyword research to get to know keywords that can beat your competitors and orient you to the most fruitful SEO campaign.

Start typing words into Google search and looking at suggestions being shown to you by Google.

Let’s say you type “Social Media Marketing” in Google search bar, look at the suggestions being shown to you. That will help to think of the way people think while searching. It will show the searching mindset of the people searching for a certain service. In this way, you can get to know all the famous keywords that you need to start your SEO campaign.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


There’s another helpful tool called “Keywords Everywhere” for this purpose. This makes this whole process quite easy for us. With this tool, you can see what words and phrases are being searched on the web by people and how many times it is being searched and what is it’s cost per click as well. This is how you can get into customers mind and get to know all the phrases that are used by them.


Keyword Search

Keyword Search


Step 3. Google My Business

Whenever you visited Google, you have seen a pop-up sidebar which tells you specific information regarding the business you’re looking for. Yes! that is Google My Business, it is a free business profile and every business should get the advantage of that. Here’s how it looks:


Google Business Search

Google Business Search


You can simply claim your business card by searching “Google my business” on Google itself and just follow the simple steps and get yourself registered for it. It’s a strong tool that can get you the customers at your doors. Your Google reviews, contact information, the location of your business will be shown there.



Its easy to create SEO campaign for your business. You just have to sit and do follow the steps. If you get stuck on any point, don not hesitate to drop us your trouble here. Drop the comments at the bottom. Thanks!


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