Cost Estimation of Mobile Application Development for Business Apps in Sweden

September 17, 2019

Cost Estimation of Mobile Application Development for Business App

Why Mobile Application is Important for Business?

In the fast growing digital world, smart phone becomes the basic need for every person. Almost every person above 15 years of age have mobile phone to communicate with each other.

According to a research, 80% of the smart phone users spent 4 to 5 hours daily on their mobile phones, most of them spent their time on their social and on exploring different type of mobile apps.

If you want to communicate with that wide range of audience and attract them to buy your services. Mobile Application is the best option for you.

Mobile app is very important in building trust with your customers and to engage with them 24/7. It is like an agent online from your side, who is ready to respond to all of users 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You can run different type of marketing campaigns with the help of your business mobile app. So, your marketing fund will be utilized easily and effectively.

Hope it is enough to make you understand the importance of a mobile app for your business.

Mobile Application development is not as much expensive as you think. We at CodeLedge, offer the best Mobile Application Development services in Sweden for every type of business in a very manageable budget. Feel free to ask your queries here.

The price of developing mobile applications depends on many variables. Feature, complexity and platform are the main factors.

Firstly know your audience, they are iPhone users or android users or both?

Let’s give a quick overview of the cost of developing an app and its key considerations.

App Development Cost Factors:

Here is the formula of App Development Cost:

App Feature x Time x Hourly Rate = App Development Cost

Factors of App Development That Affect Costs

Scope and functionalities – What would be the functions of the app and how it will present to the customers, the platform it supports?

Visuals – Complex designs greatly increase the cost.

Third Party Integration – When an app takes data from another app from different platform, more development cost is required.

Optimization – Hardware features such as GPS, NFC and motion sensors makes a huge difference in app development cost.

Location – Cost highly depend on the location/country of the development. For instance, USA charges about 150$ per hour approximately while in Europe 130 EURO per hour.

Time – More time spent on the development, more cost will be charged.

Maintenance – Continuous maintenance is demanded by the app.

Examples of Maximum Cost Estimate

The costs given here are only average estimates and in real the figures may not be correct.

Educational App

The price of building a primary education app for children, including quality assessments, would be around $5000 to $15000 for the more advanced including specific fields and functionality.

Retail App

Cost range from $25000 to $35000 for retail stores with sale of hundreds of thousands.

B2B Apps

Web hosting and bandwidth would be around $2000. And development of app would be around $5000 to $35000, varies on the complexity and time.


Mobile App Development costs varies on different factors. More complex design and app you want, more cost will be increased. Time duration and functionality affect cost the most.

We at CodeLedge, are expert of developing Mobile apps for every type of businesses. Our Mobile development Experts knows the latest trends and designs.

We are a well experienced mobile app development agency in Sweden. We develop both iOS and Android apps in a very affordable budget.

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