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What is Branding?

Branding is not just a logo design. You can’t just design a logo and say “Our Branding is completed”.

 Like if you are Swedish Clothing brand and just designed the clothing brand logos, that’s not the branding. In fact, if you combine the designs of your brand logo, letterhead, and some other products design, you still not even close to complete branding.

Your logo design is the part of brand identity – but that’s only the tiny part of the branding puzzle.

Branding is how people view and preceive your company. It’s also how you as the owner and your team view and preceive your company. Branding in simple is your what, your how, and your why.

Branding is the life and soul of your company. It’s what you do, how you do, and why you do it. Now combine these things with your brand identity design, and that’s branding.

According to me the best defination of brand is from the Tronvig Group,

“Branding is What sticks in your mind associated with a product, service, or organization — whether or not, at that particular moment, you bought or did not buy.”

Our Branding Procedure

Best of Brand Stockholm

Brand Discovery Phase

At CodeLedge, we start in any branding project from your Brand Discovery Phase. What we do in this phase?

In your brand discovery phase, we will learn about your business, your goals and objectives, permanent customers, where your company is standing right now, and more.

The communication we have with our clients is the key to the success of our project. Brand Discovery phase gives us a great insight to your business and to help is to move forward.

Building Brand Ideas

The next phase is pull our ideas for your brand all together. Once we collected our thoughts and put it on pen to papper or mouse to computer, now it’s time to share our ideas and thoughts with you.

As your project progresses, we design, we develop, we deliver and iterate, and you will have different paths to choosefrom and you have other options to explore.

Best of Brand Stockholm
Best of Brand Stockholm

Bringing Brand to Life

Once the first step of your brand is completed, and the direction of your brand is decided, we will start bringing to life.

Ypur brand will be in the form of a presentation document, we will show you how exactly your brand should be used, and exploring ideas for your products, marketing material and more.

Finally when you are happy. We are happy. Once you approved all the stuff, we can help launch your brand  to the world.

Our Branding Services

At Codeledge, we offer the best Brand Development services to make your business successful. We create awareness of your brand, so you can easily compete with your competitors.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the visual presentation of your brand elements that work together to identify your business. These components forms your brand guidelines, which can be used to help communicate your brand identity in the future.


Re-branding a business is a very important decision. If your business needs big changes, your business has outgrown your current brand, or there is a major change in strategy or direction, then it’s the perfect time to rebrand.
Logo Design


Your logo design is the unique mark that will be seen and recognized as your business. Just like Nike tick, your logo design should be the simple, unique and well designed mark that can be used to identify your business.


Your stationery design plays a key role in building brand consistency for your business. When you hand out your business card at an exhibition, it’s important they work to enhance your brand messaging.
Print Design


Print design, such as brochures, is a great way to communicate with your customers, while giving them something physical to keep. As a customer keeps your print or brochure, it needs to communicate your brand without you.


If your business makes a physical product, it’s important that your packaging works for your brand. Professionally branded packaging not only helps your product stand out from the crowd, but also helps it to sell.

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