Best WordPress Plugins to Embed Twitter Feed in your Website

April 14, 2020

Best WordPress Plugins to Embed Twitter feed in your website

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform on the planet today, with more than 300 million active monthly users.

In case you’re hoping to increase traffic to your WordPress site, it just make sense to take advantage of such a huge user base.

After all, wouldn’t it be incredible if you could push traffic to your site by sharing the content you’ve been buckling down on?

Or may be you can develop your Twitter following with fans of your site, adding authenticity to your brand that can just help your digital marketing objectives?

That is the place where Twitter plugins for WordPress come in.

There’s no lack of plugins out there promising consistent Twitter and WordPress integration, however not all plugins are made equivalent.

Here are probably the best Twitter plugins for WordPress today.

AccessPress Twitter Feed Plugin

AccessPress Twitter Feed is one of the most famous Twitter plugins for WordPress today, and it’s easy to see why.

For beginners, the plugin is very easy to understand and simple to use, with setup taking only a couple of minutes.

The usability doesn’t come at the expense of features, however, as AccessPress Twitter Feed is one of the most comprehensive and customize able twitter plugins available for WordPress today.

This incredible little plugins allows you to show ongoing tweets from any Twitter account on your WordPress site, either in classical feed form or in slider structure.

The free form offers three incredible looking themes, while the premium upgrades gives you 12 delightfully created themes to use.

AccessPress Twitter Feed is a lightweight module that packs a heavyweight-level punch.

Custom Twitter Feeds Plugin

It should not shock anyone that the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin is very customize-able and naturally adjusts to your WordPress theme’s look and style.

What may shock you is that this stupendous plugin goes way past its looks.

Probably the most compelling motivation for its popularity is the way that not like some different plugins that uses iframes, Custom Twitter Feeds inserts your Twitter channel legitimately onto your site.

This implies tons and tons of search engine crawl-able content on your website for SEO purposes.

You can also show feeds from multiple users, letting you include more valuable SEO content to your site.

Also, Custom Twitter Feeds can help you with build user engagement.

Users on your site will have the option to reply and like your tweets directly. They will also follow your accounts directly from your site.

Obviously, the plugin is mobile friendly.

Gracious, and did we mention that the plugin loads tweets too quick?

No one loves slow-loading plugins, and with post caching, Custom Twitter Feeds ensures that everything is running at lightning speed.

Official Twitter Plugin

We can’t discuss the best Twitter plugins for WordPress without THE official plugin from Twitter itself.

By using this plugin, you can embed your Twitter content directly to your site, and customize different parts of your Twitter channel’s appearance so it consistently incorporates with your website design.

Actually, you can also choose from dark or light backgrounds, change the color of your links and borders, and match the embedded content style to your WordPress theme.

The official Twitter module for WordPress also lets you add a Tweet button to your posts, so your site users can undoubtedly share your content.

There’s even a choice to include a follow button so your site users can turn into your new Twitter followers.

Use Twitter to Improve Brand Awareness

If you really serious about growing your WordPress site’s traffic, you can’t afford to overlook Twitter.

Whether you’re attempting to develop your Twitter following by sharing tweets on your site or attempting to contact another crowd by sharing your content on Twitter, both are amazingly compelling digital marketing approaches.

Try one of these plugins today!

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