Best Shopify Apps for Effective Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing Campaigns

October 15, 2020

Best Shopify Apps for Effective Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing Campaigns

There’s a great amount of data competing of your customers’ attention right now. And once Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is upon us (it’s here!), inboxes and Instagram feeds will be overwhelmed with deals. How can you stand apart from your competitors? How do you cut through the clutter and launch memorable and clickable BFCM campaigns?

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These applications remove the mystery from BFCM marketing.

Octane AI Quiz, Messenger, SMS

Octane AI Quiz, Messenger, SMS is a one-stop marketing solution that lets you make quizzes, gather information, and launch customized Facebook and SMS campaigns, including conversational advertisements.

Shoppable Instagram and UGC by Foursixty

Shoppable Instagram and UGC by Foursixty put your organic Instagram posts to work, creating a clickable, shoppable clone of your feed. You can even draw your clients’ posts (user-generated content) into one spot and force them with shopping links, as well.

Tone SMS Cart Recovery

Tone SMS Cart Recovery messages customers with prompts to reconnect with your brand. Genuine agents sit behind an AI to make conversations more human.

Promotion Video Maker

Promotion Video Maker helps you effectively make promotional video content—no film school required. Enter text and a few details and this application pulls content from your website into videos optimized for web, instagram, or Stories.

Shopify Email

Shopify Email allows you to launch and track email campaigns directly inside Shopify, with simple layouts that pull logos, pictures, and duplicate directly from your store. New to email marketing and don’t know where to begin?

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