A New Way For Websites to Earn Money From WordPress.com

November 26, 2019

A New Way For Websites to Earn Money From WordPress

WordPress.com introduces a new recurring payments feature. Websites hosted on WordPress.com can now monetize their content by using this feature.

It is available with any paid plan on WordPress.com, the recurring payment method feature enables site owners to collect repeat benefactions from supporters for getting the access of things like exclusive content  or a monthly membership for specific services.

“Let your followers support you with periodic, scheduled payments. Charge for your weekly newsletter, accept monthly donations, sell yearly access to exclusive content — and do it all with an automated payment system.”

What Recurring Payments on WordPress.com offers?

On WordPress.com, recurring payments allows site owners to:

  • Accept regularly-scheduled payments directly on their website.
  • Offer many things like subscriptions, website membership plans, monthly donations, and more.
  • Integrate their website with Stripe to process payments and collect funds.

How to enable Recurring Payments on WordPress.com?

Site Owners can enable recurring payments by following these three simple steps:

Step 1:

Connect a Stripe account(if you don’t have stripe account, create a new one). Go to the earn page from the WordPress dashboard and click connect Stripe to Get Started.

Step 2:

Add a recurring payments button to your website by using the block editor.

Step 3:

Customize details like Payment amounts, frequencies, subscription tiers, and so on.

WordPress will charge a percentage of revenue earned through recurring payments from websites. Percentage varies on the plan website have selected whether it is Personal Plan (8%), Premium Plan (4%), or business plan (2%). Moreover, Stripe also collects 2.9% + 0.30$ for each transaction.

If you want to make a recurring payment to a WordPress.com website, you also need to have a WordPress.com account. You have to create a new one if you don’t have the WordPress.com account already.

For users, this will make it easy to subscribe to multiple websites with one account and manage all subscriptions from one place.

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