8 Web Design Mistakes that May Affecting Your Website Conversion Rate

November 1, 2019

8 Web Design Mistakes that May Affecting Your Website Conversion Rate

It is very important to understand that some website design elements can greatly reduce your conversion rate. First understand the concept of Conversion, conversion is the method of converting from one form to another.

In this situation of marketing, it’s about turning visitors into customers. Conversion is a phrase used to define the act of converting a user of your site to paying customer.

Here are some of the most common website design mistakes who are killing your conversion rate – and the solution to fix those mistakes.

1. Chaotic Layout Designs

Messy website are frustrating for users. When there are too many items on one webpage, they all venture for the attention of a user and create difficulty for user to make the decision. Mostly user overlook through your CTA or major deal, dealing with complex design resulting on fewer conversions.

If you have a messy website, the users comes and spent their time on finding the thing they came for unless they get overwhelmed and irritated.

To avoid that, you should not clutter your website. Only the primary image, main headline, CTA, a sorted list of product or service benefits and some social evidence to add credibility to your claims are the things you can use on your landing page.

Moreover, use some space between descriptions, images, forms CTAs for effective product pages. Don’t use more than three shades of colors and not more than two fonts. First think about the usability of your website design than about aesthetics.

2. Use of Stock Generic Images

Images play and important role in making the website design successful or flop. If you want to stay up to the mark with graphics, use meaningful, high quality images. By doing this you can boost your engagement and conversion.

Never use the generic stock images as they can give your audience the wrong message. Make sure any image you are using on your website is purposeful and pushing visitors towards your conversion goal.

3. Unresponsive Website design

In this digital world, people likes to browse on their smartphones rather than using laptops or computer devices. When people fails to use your website’s best features on their phones, they switch to your competitor website who is providing that feature.

Mostly people use smartphone or tablets to make their purchase online and perform different activities. That’s why it is very important to make your website design adjustable on every screen size. It will get you closer to your conversions.

4. Poor Content Usage

“Content is king” use this line while writing your website’s content. The content quality on your website must be unique with the support of catchy images that have a diverse effect on your visitors. Your content should be clear and neat, so your visitors easily get what they are looking for.

Mostly, eCommerce website descriptions are boring. Keep the description of your products catchy and unique. So, you need quality and genuine content to get high conversion rate.

5. Confusing Navigation

Regardless of how visually impressive your site is and how many CTAs you used, if navigating through your website is hard, people will more likely leave your website and which cause you in low conversions rate.

Navigation is the most important part of your website which can bring your business either successful or failure. That’s why your navigation should be clear with a crisp design and a quick navigation experience.

6. Understated Call to Action (CTA)

The absence of clear CTA on your website can result in losing the chance to convert your visitors to potential customers. Always remember that, the best user interface (UI) on the website should clearly explain the what, where and how to the visitor.

The purpose of CTA is get visitor, emphasis on what next step is for visitors. A perfect CTA doesn’t scream what it wants, it triggers a feeling among users to take an action.

7. Slow Loading Time

A good conversion rate is strongly attached with the great user experience. Loading time is one of the major factor that force a visitor to leave your website. It is very important to improve the load time of the website, as in this fast going world, no one have that much time to wait for the loading of your website if it is consuming too much time.

According to a research, if a webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load 4 out of 10 visitors will abandon it.

8. Audit you Site

Always remember to take an audit of your website on regularly basis. Make sure your site is up-to-date with new standards for SEO, conversions and design.

Obviously, you don’t want to stay behind your competitors as they are following the latest trends.

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