8 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About Facebook

August 24, 2020

8 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About Facebook

Facebook is colossal.

In fact, it’s the number one social media website in the world.

Facebook is the place you go to follow your ex, have conversation with your BFFL, and post your post-vacation selfies.

If you’re an advertiser, it’s where you can discover 2.6 billion possible clients.

But you already know that. True?

Read on to learn facts to impress your friends and to get motivation to begin marketing on Facebook today.

Here are 8 realities you didn’t know about Facebook.

1. Mark Zuckerberg’s First Idea Was a Site Called Facemash

When Zuckerberg was in Harvard, he had making a site that allowed users to compare people’s faces.

On the platform, users could pick “who’s hotter.”

Of course, his idea didn’t impress Harvard’s executives.

Zuckerberg’s project was closed down and he was threatened with expulsion.

2. Zuckerberg’s Second Idea Was an Online Student Directory

He called the directory “Thefacebook.” People who utilized it could:

  • Search for other Harvard students.
  • Discover who else was taking the classes they were in.
  • Look into friends of their friends.
  • Make a social network.

Although “Thefacebook” began as an exclusive directory for Harvard students, it soon developed to incorporate anyone above 13.

3. Facebook’s Early Years Were Rough

When Facebook was made, Zuckerberg ended up encompassed by legal difficulties.

Fellow Harvard student Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss, and Tyler Winklevoss sued him for supposedly stealing their idea.

The battle continued for four long years.

At the end, Zuckerberg paid Divya Narendra and the Winklevoss brothers $65 million.

He also allowed them Facebook shares as a part of the settlement.

4. Facebook Is the Third Most Popular Website in the World

It’s next just to Google and YouTube.

5. 71% of Americans Use Facebook

This percentage is high, considering just 38% of Americans use Instagram, and just 23% use Twitter.

6. Ladies Use Facebook More than Men

A Pew Research Center survey found that 75% of ladies use Facebook, compared with only 63% of men.

7. Facebook Users Have Uploaded 250 Billion Photos

This means 350 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook each and every day!

8. The Older Generation is Growing More Interested in Facebook

In 2015, 71% of American teens were on Facebook.

Today, the number is down to 51%.

Then again, seniors are part of the quickest developing group on Facebook.

In 2019, Baby Boomer usage reached 60%.

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