8 Factors Why Emotions Are Very Important in UX Design in Stockholm

September 26, 2019

8 factors why emotions are very important in UX Design

What is UX Design?

User Experience (UX), is how a person feels when he is interacting with your website or mobile app. It is a very important aspect of website or mobile app design & development because it plays an important role to keep users loyal to the brand through a positive experience.

What if users are having very bad experience, they are not finding the things easily what they are looking for. Despite of designing a great design if a user is not feeling good while using your app then there is something missing. Emotion.

Emotions always matter how a user feel, as they scroll down or browse your website/mobile app. Still not convinced?

Here are the 10 points why most UX designers think their designs become more effective with emotions:

1. Emotions add personality to your brand

How do you want your audience to perceive your brand? Do you want to be seen as happy, classy, traditional, and historical or a safe business.

There are some concepts of UX deigns that can help to present you the right emotions to your audience and help to showcase your personality.

Bright colors and rounded shapes in your designs are the symbol of happiness, while dark colors and boxed shapes, show your serious mode to the users.

2. Better way to convey your message

UX designs that target the positive emotions on a deeper level are more interesting to watch. They can capture the attention of your audience before the content even not be processed.

It results in grabbing the attention of the user and helps you to convey your message easily and effectively.

3. Design with emotions show empathy

According to Oxford dictionary, “empathy” means the ability to understand and share feelings of another.

An emotional design show empathy to the user, which makes them feel like they have understood the website.

4. Increase user engagement and reduce bounce rate

Are you still struggling with the low user engagement? You user may not be feeling an emotional connection with your brand. If you want to build an emotional connection, then create an awesome UX design that bring positive feelings to you website users.

This will help in increasing user engagement and help to reduce bounce rate.

5. Prevent Negative Experience

Do you know 88% of the website user won’t return back after a bad user experience? That’s why it is very important for UX designers to create designs that leave impact on users.

Sadly, the users start looking for alternates if your UX design does not fulfil their requirements and leave a bad experience.

smiley-emotions-UX design

6. User Remember your business long term

A good experience can be created by injecting certain elements to target positive emotions will make a user remember your brand for long time.

Think of it, like you are going to your first date with someone and if thing go in right way, there are more chances of second meeting. If things goes wrong on first day, then you lose your chance. Same thing goes with the UX designs.

7. More Gossip more users

When user are happy with your website or mobile app, they will likely to talk more about it and recommend it to others. It will increase your users and make you famous.

Like if you are in restaurant and they served you the best quality food and very nice environment. You will absolutely give them the good review and share you experience with your friends and family.

8. Emotion build brand loyalty

UX design can build or break your brand loyalty. A user feel good or bad about your brand, it comes after they experience your app or website.

You can increase loyalty through color-scheme, ease of use, enjoyable experience or whatever make your user feels good.

The best UX design can earn you the great reward in the form of increase in traffic. Providing the best User experience means building your brand level high.

We at CodeLedge, offer the great user experience (UX) designs to boost the customers brand to the next level. We are experienced UX designers, do our research and give the best possible user experience according to the brand.

We are to give your customers the best User Experience (UX). Are you ready? Email us at hi@codeledge.com or get a quote from here.


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