7 Things You Did not know about Pinterest

July 6, 2020

7 Things You Did not know about Pinterest

Pinterest is a gigantic social platform with 367 million monthly active users.

As an advertiser, this implies Pinterest is a promising platform to exhibit your image.

However, do you have a universal knowledge of Pinterest?

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Pinterest

Indeed, you realize that Pinterest is a brilliant, fun social bookmarking site.

However, here are facts you probably don’t know about it.

1. There Are Over 200 Billion Pins on Pinterest

Need a little boost in motivation for your brand?

Turn over to Pinterest and search through many types of inspiring pins.

2. 72% of Pinterest Users Are Women

This is compared with 19% of men and 9% unknown.

3. 83% of Users Make a Purchase after Seeing a Brand’s Content on Pinterest

The unbranded searches on Pinterest are high: 97%.

This gives you a tremendous chance to place your brand’s content in front of your crowd when they’re in the beginning phases of the purchasing procedure.

Who knows? Your brand may have the idea they’re searching for.

4. Pinterest Is the Third Biggest Social Network in the U.S.

At the end of 2019, Pinterest surpassed Snapchat as America’s third most well known social network.

It currently has 88 million monthly active users, next just to Facebook and Instagram.

5. Pinterest Garnered $400 Million in Revenue in the Last Quarter of 2019 Alone

Of this sum, $350 million was produced in the U.S. and, $50 million universally.

6. Pinterest Is the Only Social Network to Make It Into the Top 10 Relevant Brands in the U.S.

It positions #10, behind huge organizations like Apple, Android, Disney, and Spotify.

7. 98% of Users Say they have tried something New They Found on Pinterest

Pinterest users are interested, open, and creative.

If your brand has the “IT factor” they’re searching for, you have an immense possibility of converting them.

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