6 Tips to make Responsive Search Ads Work For You

March 5, 2020

Digital Marketing Sweden

As digital advertisers, change is also constant – new features, better approaches to target, and new advertisement types.

Responsive Search Ads (RSA) hit Google Ads in 2018 and became universally available in Microsoft Advertising in January.

1. Assign Time to Gather Ample Data

As RSAs run on machine learning, they require time to reach measurable importance with regards to performance.

You can’t hope to dispatch another Responsive Search Ad and decide whether it worked well very quickly.

Time should be counted in weeks – this can and should change depending on an ad group’s traffic volume.

2. Stay Away From Comparing RSAs to Expanded Text Ads

RSAs expect you to look at greater picture trends and analyze data.

Put another way, don’t settle for comparing a RSA with an extended text as a way to decide achievement.

Take a look at the consolidated performance within an ad group before and after the responsive search ad was propelled.

3. Exploit Campaign Experiments

Need to be 100% sure that you have statistical significance before announcing whether RSAs work for your campaigns?

Exploit Campaign Experiments – “A” (control) has no RSA, “B” (variation) has RSA.

Wash, flush, and repeat.

4. Merry RSAs With Automated Bid Strategies

Remember that bit about Responsive Search Ads improving conversion performance?

To truly enhance this impact, merry RSAs with automated bid methodologies like Maximize Conversions or Target CPA.

5. You Can Pin Headlines and Ad Descriptions in a Specific Order

Is the way that your features and ad descriptions will be mixed-and-matched making you uncomfortable about running RSAs?

While the best practice is to let said mixing-and-matching occur for your sake, you can decide to pin features and ad descriptions in a particular request.

Simply know that sticking limits the quantity of feature/ad description combinations that can be made for your benefit.

6. Incline toward Machine Learning

Lean into the machine learning behind responsive search ads by loading up a lot of headlines and ad descriptions.

Focus on at least 8 headlines (10+ if you can) and 3 ad descriptions.

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