6 Things to Consider While Designing a Winning Landing Page

July 27, 2020
6 Things to Consider While Designing a Winning Landing Page

6 Things to Consider While Designing a Winning Landing Page

At a time where it is progressively imperative to hold people’s attention online, landing pages should be easy to process and allow for quick conversions.

Here are a few interesting points to consider when designing a winning landing page.

1. Make Headlines Attractive

The headline is the main thing users see when arriving on a landing page.

Regularly, it is the main thing they read before choosing if they are interested in value services.

Headlines should be strong, direct, and engaging.

2. Use Ample White Space

White area helps with making a page simple to explore and process. Too much messiness and content can scare leads away.

Viable utilization of white space can also help draw attention to explicit elements like a CTA button.

3. Make the CTA Stand Out

A solid CTA is at the essence of any great landing page and needs to stand apart from other components on the page.

Make the CTA eye-catching by utilizing contrasting colors for buttons and guaranteeing it isn’t too small.

Another successful approach is to avoid using standard and boring copy like “Subscribe” or “Download”.

Instead, make the copy more conversational to improve engagement and increase conversions.

4. Emphasize Trust Factors

Performance metrics and third-party endorsements can help boost credibility and lower the resistance to conversion.

5. Leverage Customer Testimonials

Potential clients always look to their peers to learn the value of a product or service.

Testimonials are an amazing conversion tool as they provide insights into the client experience.

A statement and a logo are also simple to scan and absorb.

6. A/B Testing

Ordinary A/B testing will help to maximize conversions. Each crowd and each offer is different.

Test varieties of copy, the position of the offer, colors, and form fields to understand impact on usability.

Keep in mind: regardless of how great the landing page is, it can always be little better.

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