6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

June 18, 2020

6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

WordPress is the most famous CMS in the world, yet being open-source, is executed, coded, and created for sites in a wide-ranging way.

The quantity of theme, page builders, plugins, and hosting plans makes it simple for a novice to spin up a site pretty quickly.

It also allows for custom theme development, integration and use of custom code.

Rather than the wide range in how it is implemented and deployed, there are some common plugins that serve the experienced WordPress administrator or developer well.

I highly recommend trying to limit the quantity of plugins you use.

The more Plugins you have, the more you’ll have to stay up with the latest version to diminish security dangers and to reduce the time of time testing with each update to ensure things didn’t break.

While this list isn’t comprehensive and feelings and approaches will fluctuate, I have pulled my list of significant plugins that I suggest for WordPress sites ranging from blog to business websites.

1. Advanced Custom Fields

There are different opinions on the most ideal approach to develop WordPress sites and the use of themes and page builders.

The one thing I will make reference to however is that if you’re going the custom theme route, we strongly suggest Advanced Custom Fields.

It is an essential plugin for us as it complements our custom page builder and gives an extraordinary balance between being vigorous with options.

ACF is very much upheld and planned for greatest flexibility regarding having the option to include fields and customize taxonomies essentially anywhere in WordPress. It makes editing content extremely simple.

2. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a plugin that primarily provides caching services. Through caching content your site can load quicker improving both user experience and SEO performance.

It goes past WordPress defaults and gives more control to get to the correct balance of caching versus content loading to meet your goals and needs.

This plugin has a nominal yearly membership that ranges for the quantity of websites you need to utilize it on and the number or nature of updates you’d prefer to get during the year.

3. Gravity Forms

There are various well known form builder plugins available for WordPress. Presumably the most popular and extremely incredible and simple to use is Gravity Forms.

The ability for a user to have the option to rapidly and effectively spin up forms to embed into any page is critical.

What’s more, the unwavering quality of the plugin, the ways you can coordinate it with a wide scope of email marketing platforms and CRMs, just as the capacity to get notifications make it my go-to form builder plugin.

4. Better Search Replace

In case you’re ever confronted with a project or update that requires migration, this plugin is an absolute necessity. It fills holes and automates the kind of work that would be time-consuming and tedious.

Whether you’re attempting to rapidly discover all links that broke during a migration, attempting to do a find and replace, or moving a database, it can cover you on all fronts.

This plugin requires some human logic as it is powerful but needs your input and understanding to apply to what needs to be migrated, updated, and fixed. It spares a ton of time and manual effort also.

Better Search Replace has basic and expert options at a range of price focuses dependent on features required.

5. Imagify

Caching is significant as noted in the WP Rocket section above. Past that, perhaps the greatest guilty party for page load speed is pictures.

Imagify is a picture compression tool.

It encourages you automate the process of optimizing pictures for size without yielding the quality.

This efficient plugin can help when you can’t shield clients from uploading enormous pictures and don’t be able to update WordPress’ default upload settings.

Imagify has an ostensible month to month membership cost and is layered dependent on the quantity of pictures your site has.

6. Yoast

There’s not a ton I can say about Yoast here without unloading all the force it has for SEOs.

Yoast gives you power over a wide range of things that are useful for SEO ranging from indexing files to specific on-page factors.

It sometimes accompanies an expectation to learn and adapt and because of the robust nature of Yoast, can cause a few clashes with different applications.

Some SEOs have been killed because of security issues or bugs that have taken time to be uncovered and have gone with options.

In spite of that, it is still the business standard SEO plugin for WordPress.

Yoast offers both free and premium versions.

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