6 Innovative Video Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

February 7, 2020


Over the years, we have seen video marketing trends are continuously improving, from 30 seconds videos ads to vlogs and live streams. In fact, many new formats are introduced, like experiences in 360 degrees, ephemeral videos and shoppable videos.

As mentioned by Hupspot, ‘78% people watch online videos weekly and 55% views online videos every day.  We’ve seen a few trends increase so far this year and others are beginning to blur away.

Video marketing is considered among the top social media marketing tips to build you online marketing strategy. Here are the trends which you should consider in 2020.

1. Live Streaming Videos

Live media is as still an amazingly captivating idea. Live build your connections with real audience.

You’ve most likely seen as an Instagram or Snapchat user that many people you follow “go live” on different occasions a day. Regularly these live feeds comprise of responding to questions that different users send progressively — possibly to do something that users are requesting.

While Instagram offers the chance to save these live occasions to your profile, it’s very improbable that somebody will watch 60 minutes live stream later. That is the thing that makes this video style so intense.

Live video is digging in for the long haul. In this way, keep on exploring regarding the medium.

2. Shoppable Videos

Online selling is the one of the key patterns that we have found over the most recent couple of years. This has streamlined and encouraged collaborations among sellers and clients, as a solution to keep up with today’s on-demand industry. In any case, many organizations need to improve the manner in which they make social media content.

Generally, these are recordings which permit social media users to shop on the spot. With these, customers never again need to go for the item they like physically. They should simply tap on the item they need on the video to seamlessly redirect it to your site.

In 2020 we’re going to see increasingly more video promotions connecting to items to make them simple to shop. 64% of shoppers are bound to buy an item in the wake of viewing a video about it, which is the reason this is a pattern that should not be ignored in retail, specifically.

3. Interactive 360 Degree Videos

Interactive 360 video as of now is a major trend. One can encounter wide-going musicals, sports games and notable areas through it.

While for any organization intuitive recordings may not work, there are so many methods for utilizing virtual reality.

This is the sort of vivid, advanced video style that we hope to consider a to be more as the utilization of AR and VR keeps on developing. Setting your item’s video is although very challenging now, however it can dazzle your client base as it were.

Although difficult to deliver (for some time yet), separating your item recordings from your opposition and truly enrapturing your client base could be an incredible way.

4. Soundless Videos

Appearing, not clarifying is a trend developing and proceeding in video content marketing. Some social media users want to watch soundless recordings, especially when they are in an open spot.

Making subtitled videos will empower you to oblige social media users who might want to watch without any sounds just as the individuals who do. Along these lines, utilizing subtitles or making videos that don’t really require sounds to be grasped, would be an insightful thought.

It can assist us with showing exactly what things resemble, how they work, what they’re made of and how they fuse into your life. All without words, at times.

5. Vlogging

Following the developments on video channels like YouTube, vlogging keeps on developing. People use video blogs or video writes all the more frequently to archive regular daily existence, share their experience, grandstand their abilities, or basically to communicate. Moreover, we’ve seen on-screen characters lately and small scale influencers utilize this to speak with their fan base. So also, we’ve seen various brands going with the same pattern.

Vlogging is a significant apparatus for big names and influencers in contacting their followers. Likewise, this might be utilized by organizations to speak with their most devoted clients. Video blogs give an increasingly true and unfiltered perspective on your brand and utilizing it as a feature of your video marketing strategy will help represent your brand and gain buyer trust.

6. Social Media Stories

If you need to exploit this, publishing fleeting content is one of the successful approaches to do as such. These are stories in social media that evacuate themselves naturally following 24 hours of posting.

Transient stories have become another type of vlogging, as in stories that show up for a given timeframe. Since they’re completely done at the present time, and are low-fi and don’t need editing, they’ve brought down the bar for the individuals who have consistently wished to be video characters. We’ll see this video style keep on picking up prevalence as ephemeral videos are adopted by channels like Twitter, YouTube and even the Medium.

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