5 Tips to Speed up your eCommerce Website in Sweden

February 27, 2020

Website Speed Optimization Sweden

Website speed is among the key components of any eCommerce store. If your online store is loading slow, people leaves your store even before the page loads.

Similarly as with late updates from Google, site speed has become a huge factor for ranking. Here we have mentioned five different ways that can help speed up your eCommerce website.

1. Run a Speed Test

There’s no single procedure that is ensured to work when you are trying to make your site quicker and progressively productive. The most ideal approach to learn is by running a speed test on the site to locate the genuine problem areas.

2. Compress Your Product Images

Having high-resolution pictures of your products on your eCommerce website has gotten both significant and prevalent. Always remember to compress your pictures before sending them to upload on your site. All of size of the document you evacuate improves load times.

3. Perform SEO Audit

Technical SEO covers a few factors that directly affect the website loading speed. Running a SEO Audit on your site’s technical aspects is a splendid method for identifying potential issues.

4. Make Mobile Content Simpler

If an online store is stacked with dense, monstrous page features, for example, carousel sliders, high-resolution and non-compressed pictures and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, mobile regularly takes more time to load. Improve to the maximum. Use:

  • Less pictures and more HTML tables
  • More sidebars and headers
  • Inserted content

5. Utilize Browser Caching

It requires a lot of time for a new site to load for the first time. Web caching gets ready for the next visit by permitting the browser to store certain components of the page. This implies users won’t need to stand by long to load the whole page next time.

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