5 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Most SEO Friendly CMS

January 27, 2020


WordPress is the most fast growing CMS since its release in 2003. More than 34% of the websites are developed in WordPress worldwide.

According to stats WordPress 5.3 (released on November 12,2019) has already had 8,088,611 downloads. There must be some reasons behind the popularity of the WordPress CMS.

So what are the reasons behind that much popularity of WordPress?

There are many reasons behind the WordPress’s popularity but the one that stands out:

WordPress is the best CMS for Google SEO.

Here are the 5 reasons why WordPress is the first choice for the marketers.

1. WordPress offer great User Experience

There are so many pre-built options available for the website developers in the form of WordPress theme and WordPress plugins. WordPress’s theme and plugins work together to make website looks professional, user-friendly, and attractive.

Which result User satisfaction and user enjoy exploring the WordPress Website. When user enjoy exploring the website then it result in long stay of user on site, which decrease overall bounce rate of the website.

If you are marketer and looking to improve your website’s ranking, this is excellent information for you. Google wants to reward websites that provide great user experience.

2. WordPress Enables you to create Attractive Permalinks

By using WordPress, it is very easy to edit your website’s permalink. Rather than having a URL full of ugly-characters, you can customize your URL by putting date and categories in your URL.

The best thing about being able to customize your blog’s permalink is you can put your keyword into the URL.

This means your permalink is not only looks beautiful and informative, but it can help you with your rankings as well.

3. WordPress Makes Metadata Easy to Manage

SEO titles and metadata are the main things that improves how search engines clarify the relevance of your website.

Metadata helps understand search engine crawlers that what your web-pages are all about. When you put relevant keywords to your metadata, the more chances are that your website rank for those keywords.

What are you thinking? How WordPress helps you with meta data?

While using WordPress, you can get a plugin like Yoast SEO for managing the metadata. This plugin enables you add custom metadata to all your posts in minutes.

4. Images Optimization for SEO is Very Easy on WordPress

Images are very important to blog posts. Images makes your blog more attractive, readable and understandable for the readers and gains more engagements.

Images not only help readers to understand your text. In fact it is a powerful tool for SEO, especially when your website is developed in WordPress.


Here are the three effective ways WordPress can optimize your images for better SEO ranking:

  • WordPress enables you to “create alternative text” for each image you use easily. Means you can also put your keyword in your image description that will also be noticed by the search engine crawlers.
  • WordPress allows you to use a plugin that automatically creates alt text for your images.
  • You can resize your images so they don’t show your page’s load speed down.

5. WordPress allows you to optimize your website easily to reduce you load time

Page Speed is a Google ranking factor in mobile search. If your website loads slower, it will not only frustrate users but also push you lower on Google’s SERPs.

But best thing if you are using WordPress, it offers you amazing plugins to improve your website page speed.

For instance, WPOptimize is an amazing plugin for your website speed optimization. This plugins has the feature to cache your website, clears your database, and compress your image for easy and fast loading.

Rule over the SERPs with WordPress

WordPress have many more features which attract you to build your website in an SEO friendly conditions. Like you can also easily connect your social media pages with your website and increase your website’s engagement.

When you use all WordPress’s amazing SEO features, you are one huge step closer to the top Google’s SERPs.

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