5 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter in Sweden

October 17, 2019

5 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

Everything is digital in this era of business – sending emails, signing contracts, attending meetings, even networking is digital. The business card is the thing which cannot be replaced in coming future.

Here are the five reasons why the old class business are still important. Why we should always have pocket full of business cards.

1. Exchanging Contact Information Digitally is Unbiased

Networking is all about making the genuine connections. Sending contact information through email and text on the spot is convenient but it is also extremely unbiased.

Shake hands and making eye contact with customers, that’s how you make impression and strong relation with your customer. You can easily transfer the information from a business card to your phone after the meeting.

2. Most Effective Marketing Tool

Email Marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing all do a great job and attract leads, but they are still not as effective as in-person meeting sealed with a hand shake along with the business card exchange.

You can encounter the potential lead at anytime, anywhere – exhibitions, airport lounges, and conferences, so arm yourself with the business cards to never miss the opportunity to make a valuable business lead.

3. First Impression of your Brand

When you meet someone personally that could potentially be a great prospect, don’t you him to walk away with a great impression? A memorable business card   does a lot more than just exchange an email or phone number.

Obviously you don’t want to connect word cheap with your brand while you are making connections with business cards. To make a strong memorable impression on the customer through business card, you have to choose the right company for designing your business cards.

Choose CodeLedge for best professional business card designs you have ever seen. Ask us for the recent work we have done, so you can get the idea. Ask us here.

4. Brand Awareness

Business card is a physical thing, and it always stays with customer. Every time the customers saw your amazing business card, he will remember your brand with it.

Just exchanging phone and email makes connections but not help customers to remember your brand and your brand quality – but your business card do.

5. Business Card show that you are prepared

How about some had a phone with a dead battery? It is not the most professional approach.

Let me share an example to make you clear. Suppose you met two individuals and one was scrambling to find a pen and other one just pulled their business card and give it to you, who would you want to do business with? Showing that you are always prepared is a great indicator that you are professional.

If you are wondering to make a strong first impression on your customer, give him your well designed business card. If you don’t have a well-designed business card, nothing to fear. We at CodeLedge, are ready to make your first impression a great impression.

Give us chance to make you feel good and make your client feel great. Poor business cards are only goes in dustbin, but good business cards get your business and do the marketing job for you.

Don’t waste your time in wandering around, just give us your information and get the amazing business card for your business. Get a quote from here.


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