5 Proven Tips to Avoid Negative Publicity

June 15, 2020


The online presence of the brand can be the reason to amazing success. Or it can be the reason to the ultimate downfall of the brand.

It all depends on whether you do good or bad publicity of your brand.

The question here is, is that possible to completely avoid bad press in a world where users are entitled to share their feelings freely online?

Well, not really. But there are ways to avoid or even reduce the bad press when it hits you. Let’s explore some of the tips to help you keep away from the vulgar and ugly side of the online publicity.

Do Your Research

It’s ok for your brand to have a fun, clever, even snarky voice. You can even share your strong feelings and opinions to seek attention of the people.

But always keep in mind to do enough research before posting anything online. It can help build or destroy your brand sometime.

But also keep in mind, don’t spend too much time on you research. A quick Google search will tell you whether something is safe to post or not.

Stay Away From Controversy

While there are ways to use controversy to boost up interest for your brand, but always stay away from the sensitive subjects like:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sexuality
  • Abuse
  • Racism

Here is the example of the McDonald’s.

Digital Marketing Sweden

This political post generated the hash tag #BycottMcDonald’s from angry Trump supporters.

Respond to Criticism Quickly and Professionally

If you got into the situation that your brand gets negative comments, respond calmly and professionally. Find the problem you are facing and do your best effort to fix it.

Taking a customer’s complaint seriously and doing your best to solve it will both satisfy your customer and give you valuable input you can use to improve your brand.

Make Them Forget by Outstanding Performance

The human memory is fragile at best. It works well for you as a brand owner. It means that no matter how much bad impression you get on your brand, there is always a possible way to get your brand image right and to make people forget about what happened.

One excellent way to do this is to outperform your competitors. Do your work in silent and let your outstanding performance make the noise.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Blame

When you got bad comments, don’t point fingers on others and don’t do blame shifting. If you receive bad comments from your customers, do look into the issue and be 100% honest and transparent.

Also, don’t be afraid to apologize to the angry clients. Give them a quick response and try to resolve their problems on time.

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