5 Pro Tips for Reducing Your Bounce Rate

December 4, 2020
5 Pro Tips for Reducing Your Bounce Rate

5 Pro Tips for Reducing Your Bounce Rate

Regardless of the reason behind your high bounce rate, here’s an outline of best practices you can implement to cut it down.

1. Ensure Your Content Lives Up to the Hype

Your title tag and meta description effectively act as your site’s virtual billboard in Google.

Whatever you’re advertising in the SERPs, your content needs to match.

Do not call your page an extreme guide if it’s a short post with three tips.

Don’t claim to be the “best” vacuum if your user reviews show a 3-star rating.

You get the idea.

Also, make your content meaningful:

  • Separate your content with lots of white space.
  • Add supporting pictures.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Spellcheck is your companion.
  • Use great, clean design
  • Don’t bombard with too many ads

2. Keep Critical Elements Above the Fold

Sometimes, your content matches what you promote in your title tag and meta description; visitors can’t tell at first glance.

When people show up on a site, they establish a immediate first impression.

You need that first impression to approve whatever they thought they are going to see when they showed up.

A prominent H1 should match the title they read on Google.

If it’s an eCommerce website, a photo should match the description.

Give a decent good impression

Ensure banners don’t drive your content excessively far down.

Ensure what the user is looking for is on the page when it loads.

3. Speed Up Your Site

When it comes to SEO, quicker is always better.

Staying aware of site speed is a task that should remain firmly stuck to the top of your SEO to-do list.

There will always be better approaches to compress, optimize, and otherwise accelerate load time.

  • Implement AMP.
  • Compress all pictures before loading them to your site, and just use the maximum display size necessary.
  • Audit and eliminate any external or load-heavy scripts, stylesheets, and plugins. If there are any you don’t need, eliminate them. For the ones you do need, if there’s a faster option.
  • Tackle the basics: Use a CDN, minify JavaScript and CSS, and set up browser caching.
  • Check Lighthouse for more suggestions

4. Limit Non-Essential Elements

Don’t assault your visitors with pop-up advertisements, in-line promotions, and other content they don’t care about.

Visual overwhelm can make visitors to bound.

What CTA is the most significant for the page?

Compellingly highlight that.

For everything else, delegate it to your sidebar or footer.

Edit, edit, edit!

5. Help People Get Where They Want to Be Faster

Want to encourage people to browse more of your site?

Make it simple for them.

Leverage on-site search with predictive search, supportive filters, and an optimized “no results found” page.

Modify your navigation menu and A/B test how complex vs. simple drop-down menus affect your bounce rate.

Remember a Table of Contents in your long-form articles with anchor links taking people straight to the section they want to read.

Make your site useful, user-focused, and fast – good sites attract good users.

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