5 Most Effective Ways To Generate Ad Revenue From Your Website

November 25, 2019

Top 5 Ways To Generate Ad Revenue From Your Website

If you are finding ways of making money from your website, believe me you are not the one. Many folks keep on searching ways through they can make more money online from their websites. Earning money form your website is nothing much to ask for, it is permitted. You just have to know the right directions for making more money online.

So, if you want to monetize your Website, there are some options available. For example, eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing and others. Here are different ways to generate ad revenue from your website.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one the best and quickest way to earn money from your website. Becoming an affiliate for a product or services is a magical way to generate revenues. It also helps in building trust with your audience.

Aside from getting commission on every purchase, your integrity also increase. It is almost work same as an eCommerce store, the only difference is that the products are not yours, you promote it on the behalf of a trader. You are get paid of the sale percentage by trader. To get this benefit you have to establish the audience or traffic on your website.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is the strategy in which marketers get to pay the charge on their advertisement, every time their advertisements are clicked. They basically pay you when someone clicks an ad on your website. It is a great way of making money through your website. It is mainly famous on search engines like Google. When you are using PPC, there is no need to sell advertisement space specifically to sponsors. These advertisements are based on your traffic and site.

3. CPM Advertising

You don’t need to worry if your website is new and depending on low traffic producing sources. CPM method is very beneficial for the beginners to get started. Like Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising, CPM, ads will pay based on number of views instead of clicks which create your payout. Generally, you may require 1000 views of an advertisement to earn a good profit with no clicks required.

4. Sell Advertising Space

Foremost, the usual way in which the site owners make money from advertising is to offer advertisement space directly to sponsors. If your website have space fit for advertisement that will be effectively seen by your customers – then it will be great to contact with an advertising agency to get you paid for putting advertisement on your website.

Keep in mind that high-quality content draws great traffic. Clearly saying, advertisers won’t pay for your advertisement if they don’t think it is worth it.

5. Generate Leads

Businesses grow on new leads coming in their way to ask around their services or products. It is not surprising that they continously looking for productive ways to discover new sources of leads to guide them to grow.

It is basically a process in which two parties get benefit from one another. Although it’s a lot like affiliate marketing but in leads, it is not important that reader end up purchasing the product. It is basically a introduction for two parties. Like you get the relevant data of the users and sell it to other companies who are looking to contact these kind of users.


If you want to make money from your website, you have to focus on getting traffic. Also you have to focus that you are placing the right ad on your website, matching you content. The most important thing to think about is if your want your user to intreseted in your ads, first they need to be interested in your content. In common words, intrest in your content will create the interest in clicking the ads.

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