5 Logical Reasons to choose Woocommerce for your eCommerce website

July 17, 2020

5 Logical Reasons to choose Woocommerce for your eCommerce website in Vaxjo, Sweden

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WooCommerce gives you the entrance to get hold on the most strong content management system and utilize it to run an online store. It is an open-source platform where you can customize each element of your online store.

A Detailed Overview

WooCommerce is a WordPress Plugin which offers free core plugins. Apart from that different add-ons are also available out of which some are paid while others are free.

WooCommerce has various features to offer:

  • Flat rate delivery and tax setting which fuses different tax classes and local tax rates
  • Point by point reports including reviews, inventory level, incoming sales, and overall store performance
  • Discount options, usage limitations, incorporated user reviews.
  • Variety of products hindering both physical and downloadable goods

Designing Options

The developers of WooCommerce knows very well about the value of design in eCommerce which is the reason why they offer WordPress themes that have been explicitly optimized for WooCommerce. The specialty of WooCommerce is that it is profoundly good with WordPress when comes to the rich theme selection.

WooCommerce themes proffered on Envato Market have been explicitly modified for the plugin itself. Not simply this, it additionally offers different other features like zoom in facilities, attractive sliders, strong imagery and an extremely receptive design and other high level style.

SEO Friendly

As WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, there are various SEO advantages to consider. WP is famous for content basically and hinders extraordinary SEO capabilities. So, when you place both together, you can collect both content and data which brings the chance of high search engine ranking. Apart from that, WP holds blogging in an adequate and legitimate way along with the archives and categories which it offers.

How it helps you sell

WooCommerce encourages its users with free basic features in the core plugins. They are the best in the first place. If you want to amplify your online store’s prospective, you will normally pick WooCommerce extensions.

WooCommerce gives many interesting alternatives which allow you to raise your scale, such as selling on Facebook, instinctively record sales in QuickBooks, connect your store with MailChimp, creating repeated subscriptions and much more. Some additional items are paid while others are free.

Help and Support

With a far reaching network of users along with developers whose emphasis is to refine and expand WooCommerce through the development of themes and add-ons for it. It offers dependent ecommerce development services along with careful documentation. Because of which it gets advantageous to discover help and chances are that the answer for your issues already exist there.


Although WooCommerce has a great deal of free stuff however there are a few payments attached to it. For example, for a WordPress site you have to purchase your own domain name and setting up a hosting plan. The cost varies since it is all dependent on the hosting plans you like and the add-ons you want to pick for your online store.

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