5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate in Sweden

November 4, 2019


Without wasting your time explaining the reasons of high Bounce rate, here are the pro tips for reducing your bounce rate.

1. Use Promoting Content

Your Meta title and Meta description tags behave as your website’s virtual Billboard in Google. Things you are advertising in the SERPs, your content needs to match.

Don’t name your page as ultimate guide to something if it is a short post with three to four tips. Don’t claim to be the “best” only show your user reviews with five star rating.

I think this is enough to make you understand.

Also, keep your content readable:

  • Break your text in small paragraphs.
  • Add supportive images
  • Use short sentences
  • Check spelling mistakes.

2. Make your critical content highlighted

Sometime, your content matches with what you advertise in your meta title and description; visitor just can’t tell at the first glance.

When user lands on your website, they make an immediate first impression.

You have to validate that first impression when the user land on your website.

A prominent H1 heading can match the title they read on the Google. In eCommerce websites, a photo should be matched with the meta description.

3. Boost the Speed of your Website

Faster websites are always the keys to successful SEO strategy.

Keeping your website speed up should remain in the top of your seo-tasks-list. There are always be new ways to compress, optimize, and otherwise accelerate load time.

Here are some important things to consider.

  • Implement AMP.
  • Compress all images before uploading them to your website, And only use the maximum display size which is needed, don’t use large images.
  • Analyse your website and remove the heavy scripts, style sheets and plugins. Remove unnecessary plugins.
  • Manage the basics: use a CDN, minify JavaScript and CSS, and use browser caching.

4. Minimize Unnecessary Elements

Don’t irritate your visitors with pop-up ads, in-line promotions, and other content they don’t care about.

Overwhelmed graphics can cause visitors to bounce.

Highlight your CTA in compelling way.

For everything else, transfer them to your sidebar or footer.

5. Use Search to help People get their Relevant Content faster

If you want people to browse more of your website, make your search easy for them.

Leverage on-site search with predictive search, helpful filters, and an optimized “No Result” page.

Redesign your menu style, and test whether complex or simple menu affect your bounce rate.

If you are using long articles, display the table of contents with links navigate to the related section.

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