5 Best Homepage Designs to Inspire You

December 5, 2019

5 best Homepage designs to Inspire you

Homepage is the most important page of website. Homepage is where the user mostly enter into your website through organic and referral searches. It is repeatedly the highest traffic page for organic search visitors.

A home page can serve to many business-critical functions including:

  • Making a good first impression.
  • Converting users into conversions.
  • Helping users to find what they need.
  • Displaying new products in new styles.
  • Revealing cornerstone content.

Let’s take a look at 5 best examples of home pages with some snippets of insight into what make them work so well.

1. Expensify

This landing page design shows making the mind boggling basic joined with the capacity to certainly tap into your users personas with a shortsighted message and single association to the brand.

While many home pages hope to support a huge number of client expectation and action-making, Expensify has refined this back to an influential idea driven by their audience.

2. Google Trends

Carrying information and knowledge to the majority, you need zero commonality with the site to make the most out of Google Trends.

The Google Trends landing page exhibits client strengthening through design and obviously led user experience to encourage stress-free action taking and practical outcome.

Outwardly the site puts results before sway which is the thing that makes the site work just as it does.

3. Decibullz

A multi-layered and organized landing page that amplifies portion segment-specific marrying of incredible plan and advertising messages.

As you look through the landing page you can nearly set checks against many of the well documented best practices for landing page design traversing inventive and promoting mediums.

4. TED

The TED home page exemplifies the organization mission for sharing of data, thoughts, and interests in a simple to process, accessible fashion.

Content is themed into playlists, most recent, creative, ideas, and different scientific categorizations, for example, ‘little world’.

5. PayPal

An ideal case of quick filtering for an extensive gathering of individuals personas.

Highlights incorporate quick client affiliation and division with simple to process visual help triggers.

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