5 Benefits of Custom Website Development for your Business

November 14, 2019


Now a days, big organizations are preferring customized development for their web development. It’s the best time for you to update or develop your website. Your business has unique aspects, so the look and feel of your website should be the reflection of your business.

When you are focusing on turning your visitors to your customer, first impression of your website matters the most. Visitors always note the functionality, features load time, and your web design and scalability of your website, and these things make your website successful over the internet.

One of the best thing to do for a successful business is to incorporate custom web development.

Why Custom web development important for your business?

Here are some important features of custom web development which makes you rethink about development of your business website.

1. Particularity

Using a website builder or CMS software mostly offers you already developed templates to deal with, unless, you choose to have a built-in feature, which sometime become expensive. This theme enables you to put certain items in pre-built styles on websites, but you can’t do so much changes according to your desire because theme restrict you to use the limited options.

But in customized website there is no theme restriction. Whole website is being developed on your own preferences and has no limits of designs. This means that all websites will become unique because they are not developed in one theme or template.

This uniqueness is very beneficial, as it is making you different from your competitors and allows you to focus on customer’s journey on your website.

2. Decrease Load Time Of Your Website

The websites developed in website builders and CMSs have much built-in functionality. They target to serve the wide range of customers by offering maximum features in one theme.  The problem is that theme is developed for every type of websites and unnecessary functions are there whether you need them or not, which affect the loading speed.

Website loading time plays an important role in landing and losing customers on your website. Especially, when customer is approaching you from their smart phone and your website is not loading quickly. According to a research more than 50% of visitors leave your site before loading if a page takes more than 5 second to load.

Custom website development helps you to minimize the unnecessary elements which are not required. Building each function individually allows to optimize not only functionality but also the design of the functionality, which results in decreasing more load time.

3. Website Security

Website security is the most important thing of your website. By using the already developed platform for website development opens up vulnerabilities and loop holes, as many other websites already developed n that platform.

It means vulnerability found on some other website that is built on the same platform can be spread all other websites. The important point here to note is that many companies that custom build websites are also providing hosting services for those websites for customers so the hosting and application both are being optimized for security.

4. Scalability and Flexibility

Most of the website builders are not much scalable and flexible due to their limited functionality for serious businesses. Custom website development offers customers with a user-friendly approach. Developers can scale the website design according to the client requirement.

Custom web developer set up a proper structure when designing the site’s road-map. Website can be customized as needed, as custom development is free from limitation of features.

5. No limitation of Optimization

The biggest reason of website custom development is that it has no limitation of optimization. It should not only be a marketing and branding function to build a website. By custom development you can create whatever you want on your website, provide as much functionality on your website as much you want.

From designing features that will support your business processes to creating a customer journey that best fit to your customers and business.

Final Words

Finally at the end of the article, here are some of the benefits of custom web development:

  • It enables you to design a unique website.
  • Flexibility in design, you can design whatever you want.
  • You can build a secure website which represents features of your company.
  • Scalability of your website will be great.
  • Efficient loading speed.

Before making the final decision of going for custom development or website template, consider what will be more beneficial for your business. Also keep in mind about the uniqueness of your brand among others.

Custom web development is may be expensive initially, but it can be great investment in the future success of your business.

Still facing issues and not sure which way to go? Ask our experts for the help. We at Codeledge, suggest you the best possible option for the development of your business website. We provide wide range of custom web development services for every type of business.

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