5 Awesome App UI Designs to Take Inspiration From

November 22, 2019

5 Awesome App UI Designs to take Inspiration from

In this creative world, App UI design trends change quickly. Any choice you made can start a new and latest trend and play an important role in the success of an app.

What is required in your mobile app design?

Your Mobile application needs a fully functional design that increase user experience and motivate your audience to get engaged. A finest mobile app UI design must have an effective user-friendly functionality from the user’s point of view and application must be easy to use.

We at CodeLedge are providing exceptional UI design interfaces. You can take help of our well experienced Mobile App UI designers. We will be happy to help you with exceptional Ui designs to make your app successful from all aspects.

We have collected some of the best App UI designs. These designs are highly impressive and I am sure they will spark you to create something incredible. Lets take a look.

1. Snapseed by Google

Snap Seed Mobile Application Design

Snapseed is huge app for photo editing developed by Google. Great thing about that app is the option to go back and re-edit the pictures on the save you have made before. Snapseed’s sleek design and easy navigation catches attention of the users immediately.

2. Awesome Note 2 by BRID


Astonishing Note 2 joins incredible scheduling with notes, including pictures, voice recording, and even draws. With folders to arrange your notes and to-do lists, the structure of Awesome Note 2 becomes as granular as you might want. Keeping everything in the perfect place and still outwardly engaging is a heavy picture and card.

3. Xiaomi Mi Band App


This is a fitness tracking app, offers different backgrounds for every category or topic. For example, as shown in above image the background on the right side is darker as it highlights the sleep patterns. While the lighter one the left side look subtle.

It is an interesting choice of design but nothing wrong with it because it adjust well for the UI as a whole.

4. Trello


It is appraised among the smoothest, least difficult, best efficiency application out there. In your to-do list, you can make a board for anything and drag/drop each task to follow your progress. The iOS application’s design is super easy to understand, enabling clients to deal with their activities in a hurry and not depending entirely on the site or the desktop app version. This application has various truly fascinating board backgrounds that you can either pick, or let Trello decide for you suddenly. It is unquestionably the best application design in our book on productivity.

5. Trips by Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet has just released an application that enables you to follow the journeys shared by individual travel lovers and to account your own. The mobile application UI is based on explorers needing to impart awesome pictures to the world. Moreover, the bold color palette that they fused into the application is a bonus.

With a custom designed app, your business goes wherever your customer go. At CodeLedge, Our app designers follow the latest mobile trends, and they have got the perfect app design for your business.

We are more than ready to design your business application. Are you? Email us at hi@codeledge.com or get a quote from here.

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