4 KPI sites to help your business grow

June 3, 2020


Not sure what is the KPI? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator and that means you can track and calculate the success of explicit goals.

We didn’t just look at these mentioned KPIs to help your business grow. You can actually use this and this blog post will help you set goals and help your business grow.

Let’s start!

Lead Generating Site

If you own a business, what you really need is most a well designed website. Your website must perform as your users expect, if you ignore this, your users will hardly stay on your site pages.

If you haven’t read the linked blog entry, the following points are:

The site must meet your business goals
Must have the relevant user journey
Good call to action buttons / links
Good site map and hierarchy
Semantic HTML
The relevant meta tags
Have great content/keywords
Contextual internal link
The necessary landing pages
Having a website designed and developed is worth the money, it will help ensure that your business is efficient and effective in attracting users.

The investment you place on website design pays you back in the form of customers you get from it.

Content marketing

Content marketing plays an important role in getting customers – content used on different media – print and digital.

Print marketing includes things like business cards, posters and marketing banners.

Digital marketing includes things like social media and your website. Your website is the best way to get your content open to everyone. When people search for products and services on search engines like Google, search engines search for keywords in content.

When people visit the site it depends on the quality of the content they will either stay or leave the site.

Social media

Your website and social media work extremely well. Using social media for your business has two sides – it can cost you or it can be free.

If you stay on the organic route (free), all you have to worry about is time on content.

People move from your social media to your site.

The other way is to pay for ads, but it’s usually short moments. But creating ads is a good way to start your impression, and once you have the content, you’ll need less likely paid ads.

Now back to the point “if it costs more to get a client than what you get from the client, you do something wrong.”

Page load time

People are impatient, especially when it comes to websites. People simply don’t like to wait for a web page to load. For a small fact, people don’t like to wait more than 3 seconds for a web page to load. After that time they will leave your web page, this will increase your bounce rate.

Your website may have the best content, have the right user journey and behave as the user expects. However, if your web page is slow, people simply won’t stay on your web page and leave.

There are many factors that can contribute to a slow loading time, it can be unoptimized images, large wallpapers, many images like SVG. It may also depend on how your website has been encoded.

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