3 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress To Build Websites

April 9, 2020


What is WordPress?

Before getting into the explanations for why you should use WordPress to develop sites, we should clarify what WordPress is. Just in case if you are new to WordPress or simply beginning to look at how you can have your business site made.

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Without diving into too much detail – WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Thinking about what does CMS mean?

Well, a CMS allows you to dynamically add content to your site at whatever point you need. Regardless of whether you are at home or in the workplace, you basically simply need to sign into the admin panel (this is where you can keep up your entire site) and update your content. It truly can be that straightforward.

So, Why you should use WordPress to build your website in Sweden?

Why you should use WordPress?

WordPress is easy to manage

It’s just fine if a development company utilizes WordPress and WooCommerce, but why you should use these?

Well basically, it lets you keep your site updated from the software perspective side of things to your actual content.

Content is significant. It’s what directs people to your site . WordPress makes it simple for you to add, edit, update and maintain your content.

There are different reasons with respect to why it makes all content efforts easy. WordPress is the most used CMS system for building business websites. Well, if everyone else can use it why can’t you?

Different reasons concerning why WordPress makes it simple for you to keep up content boils down to various variables. One significant factor to specify is the means by which your site has been created in WordPress, which we’ll get to later.

For example, you needed to edit the content on your home page. In WordPress, you would go to the “home page”, on the home page you will see different sections that make up the home page. These different sections could be hero, about, services, any call to activities. The header and footer that is also part of the home page can be managed from widgets and menus.

But, depending upon how your site was made in WordPress this may differ.

Other reason is that WordPress lets you update incorporate any plugins or themes you have installed.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

Just like content is critical, SEO is another important factor. It’s fine having a well developed site with great content. But, you need an approach to monitor your site’s performance. With WordPress monitoring, SEO can be simple.

There is a famous plugin called Yoast SEO. When you are updating/adding content to your site utilizing WordPress Yoast analysis the content on your site ranging from readability to the meta-data (the data you find in the list of Google results).

Yoast SEO also works with WooCommerce, you can see all the same data for products that you see with the general pages/posts.

Along these lines, when you have a solid plan set up with WordPress you can easily monitors your site’s SEO consistently.

WordPress makes it simple for bespoke customization

Remember we have recently talked about menus and gadgets? Well, these include the bespoke customization on top of the ability to include/edit pages and posts.

For instance, we should take the footer. The footer segment of your site could have three unique segments – the general site connects, the legitimate menu and logo alongside the social media links (Social media icons).

With menus, you can add/edit/delete as many menu items as you need. This implies that you have general site links in your footer and you erase a page or include another page – you can easily deal with the links in the footer.

Now for the gadgets – widgets let you include a wide range of features to a site page. The general spot for the widget area is the blog sidebar.

With widgets, you can really include a menu, blog categories, blog tags, a search bar and even custom HTML (if you know a touch of code).

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