3 Most Common Mistakes Found In Google Ad Accounts

January 13, 2021

3 Most Common Mistakes Found In Google Ad Accounts

Despite every Google Ads account having its own quirks and difficulties, there are commonalities that emerge.

After inspecting many of them in the course of past 13 years, I’ve seen that large numbers of the issues or missteps found tend to fall into one of a few categories.

These can be things ranging from messy data output to wasting many dollars due to a subtle Google Ads setting.

While on their own they may not be account killers, frequently there’s more than one happening at a time.

These issues regularly heap on top of one another, making results that are ultimately not even close to what they could or should be!

Here are the top 3 most common mistakes discovered over and over in Google Ad accounts.

1. Revisiting Ad Schedule Modifiers

Also with a ton of bid modifiers, there’s a pattern of setting up ad schedule bid modifiers and overlooking it.

Performance during the time of day can change occasionally.

Revisit it at designated intervals with great data samples to ensure you stay applicable during the ideal times.

2. Adding Audiences for Observation

It’s easy to forget that searches occur across a wide range of potential customers types.

Google has a ton of data on clients at this phase of the game.

Frequently, they will act in an unexpected way, but it’s nothing you’d find in the search data because they search similar terms.

Adding Audiences and observing their results is a fundamental Marketing 101 function that is effectively skipped without really thinking.

However, the information here is incredible for finding new bid adjustments as well as in discovering audiences to focus on different stages like YouTube.

3. Missing or Disapproved Ad Extensions

Such countless accounts are missing Ad Extensions or potentially have some that are disapproved.

I usually see the missing Structured Snippet extensions, disapproved telephone numbers (ack!), and disapproved Review Extensions.

Past the upgraded real estate these extensions give advertisers on the SERP, they can also help to pre-qualify clicks better (using things like “starting at” pricing, for instance). They may also give more data to encourage a click from a user.

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