20 Reasons Why Choose Shopify for eCommerce Store in Sweden

September 19, 2019

20 Reasons Why Choose Shopify for eCommerce Store

In the world of fast growing eCommerce, choosing a platform to build your online store can be scary. After you purchase your domain, set up you home and inner pages, product pages, checkout page and finally the thank you page – now come to the real work.

I am talking about the technology stack that need to be implemented on your site; this includes help feature, live chat, email service provider and call tracking.

These implementations consume a lot of time and effort to configure and take even more time to optimize. That is why choosing the right eCommerce platform from the beginning is very important.

If you choose the right eCommerce platform, it not only offer the best features but also save you from switching after your store is up and running smoothly.

Is switching good for my already developed store?

Yes, but switching can be scary and costly. However, making the right move to the optimized and supported eCommerce platform is well worth the pain and investment.

Perhaps you have a solid eCommerce platform but it does not implement well with other technologies, like if you want to add email marketing feature and unable to find where to start without the help of the developer.

But nothing to worry about, Shopify solves all these problems for you and make it easy to manage by yourself. Switching to Shopify is not as hard as your first store because it is user friendly.

Still wondering, why should I switch to Shopify?

Great thinking! Here are the 20 reasons to make you rethink about switching:

  1. Thousands of themes, latest coming all the time.
  2. Stripe and 3rd party payment integrations.
  3. PayPal integration.
  4. Shopify support blogs and we all know content is the king.
  5. Shopify tracks and maintain customer’s data.
  6. Easy to use like a regular CMS.
  7. Marketing and SEO friendly.
  8. Shopify support Mail-chimp and other email providers.
  9. Shopify has built-in coupons and discount codes.
  10. Shopify support full HTML and CSS editing.
  11. “BUY NOW” link to be placed on external sites.
  12. Shopify can be you POS system too, with Shopify POS.
  13. Shopify support multiple profiles and roles for employees.
  14. Live chat integrations.
  15. In Shopify, you can create your own store gift cards.
  16. Thousands of applications to extend their functionality.
  17. Built in abandoned cart feature.
  18. Help Desk integration like ZenDesk.
  19. Analytics reporting.
  20. Shipping tracking.

What else you need from an eCommerce store? Still need any assistance, email us at hi@codeledge.com, we are always ready to help.

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