10 Easy Tips for Effective Content Writing in 2019

November 8, 2019


Content is something more important than the Website design and functionality because the performance of your website in search engines depends on the content quality. Content improves access to your page and positions your company as an expert in the market. Now a day’s in content marketing, both matters content quality and content quantity.

Your website is the marketing place for your business. If the content written on your website is sloppy and confusing, it will directly hit your brands impression. Which results in losing your customers – no matter how good your services are.

Here are the 10 important tips for effective content writing to boost your business through content marketing.

1. Keep your Paragraphs short

People now a days irritates quickly while reading over internet, and skim the text quickly. Long paragraphs of text, while reading on computers and tablets are hard for users to read.

Always try to keep your content into shorter paragraphs, bullet points and lists. Or you can use subheading whatever suits your content.

2. Revise your Content

Write, edit and revise. After writing the first document, content go back and analyse how to smooth the rough edges of your content. Remove the unnecessary content during the revision, and make it simple and nice.

3. Apply on-page SEO

Read about on-page SEO if you are unfamiliar with it. It will help a business to ease things, whether they have a SEO team or not. Use internal linking process to transfer your user and search engine both to your desired page.

4. Daily read about “Writing” and your “Niche”

Make a habit of reading if you want to write. Daily spend time on reading about your niche in reputed publications. Find the stories on existing blogs with successful writers.

Read the articles about “writing tips”, you’re sure to find something there.

5. Write Unique Content

Try to give your content piece a new makeover, this is what differentiates you from everyone else. If you want to attract a credible audience to your website, offer them the unique content.

You may take inspiration from someone’s blog, but you don’t have to copy that. Because every person is unique in writing in its own style, so they should possess the varied style of writing.

6. Be Interactive on your Blog Comments

Do interact with people who are reading your work, not all comments have to be replied, but make sure to respond to those who do. Sometimes just saying “Thanks for reading my blog” works for you.

7. Post your content on Social Media

Make sure you are posting on different social media platforms in different ways. This is the best way to engage with the wide range of audiences. Everything that support your blog for potential readers is a must.

8. Add Creative Graphics

No doubt readers come for information and creativity on your website, they also need to be visually stimulated. Not every post can lend itself to an image, but make your post more transparent by adding visuals when it needs.

9. Conduct Research

The writer who is writing on some specific topic should have vast knowledge on the topic, especially in B2B industry. To keep new ideas and content flowing, do as much research as you can. No research should be directly followed by writing and planning.

10. Add links in your posts

Whether you are linking to someone else’s blog that have great information or your linking on your own past blog, do whenever you want. It will boost the number of clicks on your website and also helps you with search engine rankings of your blog.

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